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What “The Heck”?!?! New figures from ‘We Become Monsters’!!!

Chris Moore of ‘We Become Monsters‘ just announced a brand new release… “The Heck”, and not only is the name awesome, but these 4″ tall figures are awesome as well! As you might have noticed, these are smaller versions of his 7″ figure, “The Hell” and has been working hard in his lab to reduce “The Hell” to a more pocketable size! This was done mostly to save on feeding costs – goats are expensive! Choose from “Orangejerk” (presidential diarrhea color), “Bloat” (rotten purple) or “DewtheDoo” (Green) colorways where each is $50 a pop and limited to just 2 figures!

Every The Heck figure also includes an additional head – The Cypher – These have fewer eyes, but can detect wavelengths of goat screams the standard Heck cannot see. These are hand cast, hand painted, articulated at the neck resin art toy that come polybagged with a header card. They will be up for grabs HERE this coming Monday, August 28th at 2pm PST… and while you are buying them, check out the rest of his awesome wares in his online store!

‘We Become Monsters’ DesignerCon 2016 releases!!!

Chris Moore of ‘We Become Monsters‘ has been hard at work, stock piling up a ton of amazing creations for Dcon… and next weekend, you all have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor! Above is just a sampling as this is not everything, but it is most of the new stuff. All resin, all hand-made, all awesome! Be sure to swing by booth #822 for all that you see above plus so much more– All WBM toys include a button – Necrolameicons and Zitlords have specific, limited buttons that only come with those toys.

“Alastor” 2016 Halloween Shagghoulie from ‘We Become Monsters’!!!!

Chris Moore of ‘We Become Monsters‘ just announced a very special Halloween drop… a one-off “Alastor” Shagghoulie hybrid figure! Mad of plush and resin, this rad looking beast will be up for grabs HERE at 9pm PST for just $90… and yes, there is only one! Standing roughly 13″ tall, this articulated (torso, waist, shoulders, biceps, elbows, hips, thighs, and knees.) 1:6th scale body features custom made with resin hands, feet, and head, and hand sewn jumpsuit. Hand cast, hand painted, articulated resin art toy / mixed media. Don’t miss out on this drop!

Tenacious Toys x We Become Monsters – Scloozie Death Hopper Shagghoulie!!!

Tenacious Toys announces another monstrous ‘Super Series Sundays’ release… and this go around, they have teamed up once again with We Become Monsters!!! On Sunday March 13 at 6PM EST, the Tenacious Toys Exclusive (Scloozie) Blue Death Hopper Shagghoulie 1:6-scale figure will be released upon a terrified population. This is the second installment of limited-edition, custom 1:6-scale figures by We Become Monsters and it offers customers a chance to capture 1 of 10 handmade, mixed-media 13″ tall articulated monster figures. The We Become Monsters Shagghoulie figures feature resin heads, hands and feet, a 1:6-scale body, and a hand-sewn furry jumpsuit. Each Death Hopper Shagghoulie comes with a free resin Slab. The TT Scloozie Death Hopper Shagghoulie will sell for $100 and will be available on the Tenacious Toys We Become Monsters page HERE at 6PM EST on March 13th.

‘We Become Monsters’ DCON releases now available online!!!

YES!!!! We Become Monsters just stocked up his online store with a ton of goodies he brought back from DCon… 13″ tall 1/6th scale weirdos in several flavors. Choose from Nosher, Skelechub Returns, Chthonian, Strange Incident, Goo Shagghoulies or a collabo with Undead Speed Equipment: Grim Rider… al are just $80 each and only one of each version made. These are articulated 1/6th scale bodies with custom resin hands, feet and head, and hand sewn jumpsuit. Hand cast, hand painted, articulated torso, waist, shoulders, biceps, elbows, hips, thighs, and knees and neck… and so rad! Head on over HERE to snag these up!

The return of the “Shagghoulie”!!!

Chris Moore of ‘We Become Monsters‘ is back with a brand new batch of one of the coolest releases we have seen to date… his rad “Shagghoulie” figure… and this time, it’s a new 13″ – 6th scale beastie releasing in 3 variants. you can choose from “Nosher“, “Skelechub Returns“, or “Chthonian” all priced at just $80 each – OR – nab the “Eldritch” Super Set of 3 in Greenish Yellow for only $200! All feature an articulated 6th scale body with custom resin hands, feet and head, and hand sewn jumpsuit. All are hand cast, hand painted… so rad! On top of these gems, there will be a ton more stuff… so be sure to hit up his online store HERE this coming Friday, September 18th at 2pm PST!