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Violence Toy launches HUGE online release!

Up for grabs HERE right now… an entire collection of amazing custom one-ff figures and blanks from Violence Toy! Snag up some “Tower’s”, “Mutant Cop’s”, “DK-9’s”, “Babylon Boy’s”… and so much more. The paint on some of these figures is truly impressive, but who needs paint when the sculpts are so fantastic. So creepy, so good! Go now… they are selling like hot cakes!

Candie Bolton, Miscreation Toys, Unbox Industries & more at heading to… Atlanta?!?

Silver Scream Spook Show have put together Atlanta, Georgia’s first ever kaiju convention, “Kaiju Cult 1”, and it’s not some small time affair. Taking place at the Avondale Towne Cinema (106 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, Georgia 30002), a number of true modern sofubi heads will be heading there to exhibit, including Candie Bolton, Miscreation Toys, Violence Toy, Unbox Industries, Black Seed Toys, and more! Oh, and did we mention that Wonder Goblin‘s James Sizemore would be debuting his new sofubi work “Queen Hagopuss”? Because he will! Find out more details HERE about this one-day only event on July 29th, 2017… And a $10 ticket price is hard to beat!

Zukaty Art x Violence Toy – “Galaxy Z Neon” Babylon Boys custom run!

Zukaty Art is back with another custom release, and this time, he teamed up with Violence Toy to paint up what he is calling the “Galaxy Z Neon” Babylon Boys. This is a custom run of 3, and each comes with a hand made cape with lock neck chain. Airbrush painted with UV fluorescent paint, infused micro silver glitter and gloss top coat. Standing 4″ tall, this 5 part soft vinyl figure is ready to find a new home for just $75 a pop… head on over HERE right now to snag one up!

Violence Toy HUGE release on Easter!

More one-off/micro-run goodness from Violence Toy… yes please! Releasing HERE starting TOMORROW – April 16th at 5pm PST will be all goodness that you see in this post… plus many others! Mutant Cop and Tower/ Babylon Boy will be represented very heavily… all one-off’s all epic! Yeah… so much goodness it’s making our heads spin! Don’t delay on pulling the trigger on these, they will sell fast, so best of luck to those hunting!

Violence Toy announces weekend drop!!!

More one-off/micro-run goodness from Violence Toy… yes please! Releasing HERE this coming Saturday, January 21st at 5pm PST will be all that goodness that you see above, which includes: Clear Blue with Glitter Tower/ Babylon Boy and Mutant Cop/ DK-9 combos • Tower on Grey (edition of 4) • Tower on Lavender (one-off) • Mutant Cop on Glow (edition of 2) • Mutant Cop Purple and Blue (one-off) • Mutant Cop Burnt with Green Vomit (one-off) • DK-9 (one-off) • Trollborg • Deathcar • Time-Gore • and Asogian on white (one of each)! Yeah… so much goodness it’s making our heads spin! Don’t delay on pulling the trigger on these, they will sell fast, so best of luck to those hunting!

“TOKYO BlOODBATH” Mutant cop and K9 one-off from Obsessed Panda!

Who want’s a little bit of nasty in their lives?!?! Well, Michael aka Obsessed Panda has just announced the rad looking “TOKYO BlOODBATH” Mutant cop and K9 one-off lottery! Created by Violence Toy, this figure was painted by Michael in the brutal fashion that you see above… and it could be yours for $275! If interested, enter the lottery (closes on January 14th at 9am pst). Please send your: Name – Instagram ID – Address – Country – Tele – PayPal Account to: opcustomslottery@yahoo.com • best of luck to all who enter!

Awesome online drop happening today from Violence Toy!!!!

Bummed that you were unable to attend Dcon 2016… more specifically, did you miss out on all the goodness that Violence Toy had at their booth? Well… you are in luck because today at 5pm PST in their online store HERE, you will be able to snag up some wonderful vinyl including what you see above along with: Multiple one-offs, Bigfoot and Twins from Awesome Toy, Blank Mutant Cops and DK-9s, plus… all new red to orange glow sets! Yeah… this is a big drop… so get ready!

Guzu Gallery x Violence Toy x Krotpong Industries – Vulgaris Mortem: A Sofubi Art Toy Exhibition!!!

This December, Violence Toy and Krotpong Industries will team up with Guzu Gallery to bring you a one day only event featuring soft vinyl art toys! The event will take place on Saturday, December 3rd, following the Friday night opening of Strange Beasts IV — the fourth installment of Guzu’s highly successful kaiju & Japanese pop culture themed group art show. The team has assembled an exceptional cast of talented toy makers for this exhibition… and cannot wait to reveal their many outstanding works of art! Artists include: Violence Toy, Krotpong Industries, Retroband, Unbox Industries, Grody Shogun, Joseph Harmon, Bwana Spoons, Atomic Vomit, Tru:tek, Awesome Toy, Rampage Toys, Blood Guts Toys, Miscreation Toys, Guumon, Kaiju Tan, Secret Demon Services, Snatchpunch, Ghost Cave, and Planet-X… a great lineup! Black plague, funerals, winter, death… these are the themes of Vulgaris Mortem. Each artist was asked to follow a pair of plague doctors on their dark journey to inspiration. Where they chose to go from there was entirely up to them. This will be a one-day-only event, where those attending can take their purchases home at the end of the evening, or in-person at their convenience at a later date. Following the show, each piece that is still available will go on sale online for a limited time. Stay tuned to Guzu Gallery’s social media outlets for more info and sneak previews as the days get closer to show time!