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25% off store wide sale from David Stevenson!!!

Right now, artist David Stevenson is hosting a summer sale that is going on until the end of this month, and seeing as there are only a few days left, what better time to head on over and snag up some amazing custom pieces as well as some great looking enamel pins! The discount is a massive one… 25% off everything in his online store, all you need to do is enter the code SALE when you checkout, and watch your saving appear before your eyes!

2PetalRose’s “Kid Katana” pre-order announced… EPIC!!!

We have been following the progress of 2PetalRose’s “Kid Katana” and low and behold… the time is finally here, the release of these amazing figures! Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, the once 7″ tall figure was downsized to 3.5″ tall, and that is where he remained. After months of tweaking, printing, casting and painting… “Kid Katana” is ready to battle his way into your collections! “This journey begins at Capitol Point, a small underground bunker town on the outskirts of what used to be Tokyo city. Those that survived the last war were forced underground to escape being captured and enslaved by the Emperor. With very little entertainment, children are encouraged to train in the ancient art of the Samurai under the guidance of Master ZU. One katana wielding student they call “The Kid” is ready to fight back and free the slaves, but he can’t do it alone… He needs to assemble a team… of Renegade Knights.” The craftsmanship on these figures is some of the best work we have seen… but really, that’s no surprise coming from 2PR as they have always been amazing when it comes to quality!

This is a pre-order and they are set to be up for grabs this Monday the 28th of August at 8am PST via the 2PetalRose online store! Releasing as 2 editions, the “Original” and “Skull” edition are limited to 15 pieces of each and priced at £70($90) a pop. Like mentioned, this is a pre-order and figures will ship aprox 8 weeks after order. Each figure is 3.5″ inches tall and comes with a base, sashimono, katana, lucky Noodle mascot (by Concrete & Bone) and a scroll… and come in an awesome looking blister package. These will go super quick and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this line of amazing looking figures! Don’t miss out on this release!!!

Aborto Trump: specimen HJres43 from Zombieking!

We have missed the work of Zombie King, but he’s back with a blast with his latest release – Aborto Trump. Making a political statement is tricky at the best of times and needs to be done with some thought and consideration. So when Zombie King wanted to make a statement about how the changes that the American president made him feel, he responded with his art.

So this little fella dropped through my door the other day and it’s an instant classic in my mind. The artist is making charitable donations to organisations whose plight he wanted to highlight every time someone buys one of the Aborto Trump figures. The work and thought that Zombie King puts into any of his pieces is always mind blowing, from the incredible detail on the actual figure sculpt to the hand finished adoption certificate that comes with these pieces. All of this artists work is very visceral and tactile, but also looks great when you leave it in the test tube and view from a distance – great work executed and finished with love and pride.

You can read more about the artists thoughts behind this release and the tie up with Mikeys Art Biz by going to his blog. There is a pin from Mikeys Art Biz you can also buy at the same time which will add to the level of donation the artists are able to make.

Initially there are only 20 of these available, so be quick if you want to buy from the initial release. Zombie King has said he will make more if the demand is there so don’t panic if you can’t grab any of the initial 20. Available to buy HERE at 4am PST time on Sunday 27th August.

RST5 [rust5] Robotic Space Traveller… new resin robot from DMS!

DMS just announced the release of one of his new resin RST bots… the ‘RST5’. This is the fifth colorway of the super cute Robotic Space Traveller by DMS. Measuring at 3.75″ of resin. Textured in a distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job and cute gloss black eyes, with magnetic articulation between the head and body. Limited to 25 pieces, this “Purple” variant will be released HERE on Friday, August 25th at 1pm PST for £15.99($20) a pop!

Hugh Rose x Martian Toys – “Roadkill M.C.” custom Dunny series!

It’s been a long time in the making… and we teased this release HERE back in March, so it’s awesome to finally see the amazing looking “Roadkill M.C.” custom Dunny series from artist Hugh Rose come to fruition and the folks over at Martian Toys are the ones who gave this great series a new home with a release date!… and we couldn’t be more thrilled, these look so friggen good!

Set your alarms for 12Noon PST this Friday, August 25th and be sure to visit HERE as the Roadkill Dunny’s are set to hit the road and find their way into your collection for just $99 a pop. Limited to 7 pieces and sold blind boxed, you have a shot at the “Patch“, “Prospect“, and “President“… all of which look amazing and are next level meticulous in detail.

Easy-He is back for another round from Trap Toys!

Straight Outta Eternia, we present, EAZY mothafuckin HE“… The folks over at Trap Toys are stoked to announce the release of a new batch of their “Eazy-He” resin art multiple! Part street, part Master of the Universe, this awesome bootleg Raption(Rap Action) figure will be limited to just 12 pieces and will retail for $100 a pop! Sporting a bronzed Adonis like body with Uzi and 40oz in hand, he’s ready to hit the mean streets of Eternia… oh, and he’s got his pager on his belt so he’s ready for any situation. 10 will be up for grabs HERE and there will be 2 available via ebay auction (search traptoysofficial). Look for card art by Dan Evans on this release as well… an awesome all around package!

‘Collect & Display’ launches iOS App!!!

The folks over at ‘Collect & Display‘ have just launched a brand new iOS app… and yes, today is the first day it’s available to the public! Not only does it make browsing their online shop so much easier, but it allows for a great little discount code, just for downloading and using the app! Customers who download the app have access to an exclusive discount code for 15% off their purchase, this code is shown at the header of the shopping cart – PLEASE NOTE: Discount code excludes Pre Orders and is valid until Thursday 24th August. Once you download the app and give it a go, feel free to head on over to the app store and give it a review as the more feedback and ratings they get, the better search rankings they will receive!

The Modern Man LGv1 – Monkees Blood Creative!

One of the things I really enjoy is seeing a project from start to completion, and this is what happened when I stumbled across the iconic postings of the team from Monkees Blood Creative on Instagram. Monkees Blood Creative are a group of Brits working in New York and have just released what is going to become an iconic piece over time, and for their first full on toy art piece it’s pretty full on and very accomplished.

The Modern Man LGv1 is limited to 48 pieces with a limited allocation being sold out in the UK in the first hour and another 20 being made available to US customers only. “This heavily stylized LGv1, caricature resin figurine is based upon a UK national treasure & world renowned rock ‘n’ roll star. The infamous front-man of Britpop bands Oasis & Beady Eye… Mr. Liam Gallagher. This, matte grey resin, collectible art toy stands atop of his LG branded roundel base at 13cm tall (or around 12.5cm without it). What he lacks in height when compared to his real life counter part, is certainly made up for in designer art toy attitude!“… and as you can see, the quality is spot on!

From start to finish the team at Monkees Blood Creative have been incredibly enthusiastic and have kept a constant stream of timely updates posted on their social media, keeping people interested and letting everyone know how things have been progressing.There is something encouraging about a team who believes in their work like these guys do and this figure really stands out from the crowd.

Product Details:
•  Limited Edition Collectible Art Toy (48x Pieces Created)
•  Made from high quality matte finish, gray photopolymer resin
• 13cm (or 5.1″ Inches) tall incl. LG/Beastly Toyz branded stand base
• 3-part ‘keyed’ figurine. 1x Base, 1x legs & 1x head/torso
•  1x Tambourine also included
•  LGv1 sports a fishtail parker w/ Mod roundel & Union Jack patches on his arms
•  Individually hand sanded & finished
•  3D Printed on high-end machine at 50 microns capturing all finely sculpted details
•  Figurine Total Weight: 67 grams. Total Unit Package Weight: 180 grams
•  Comes packaged in a matte finish black 2-part cardboard cylinder branded with vinyl decals. Numbered on base & features black Beastly Toyz onyx resin ‘faux wax’ stamp affixed to lid
• Made in Manhattan, New York City
•  Digitally sculpted & designed by Monkeesblood Creative, LLC (NYC) for Beastly Toyz

If your in the USA you can place your pre-order HERE right now… and like mentioned above, to follow the progress of this project as well as many of their other projects, be sure to hit them up on their Instagram account HERE!

The Toy Box: From Pop to Present – Exhibition – Barnsley UK

It’s really REALLY rare to see a toy art exhibition in the UK, so when an organisation from outside the traditional toy art world picks up the mantel and puts together an exhibition that includes toy art – it’s great news. The Toy Box: From Pop to Present is an exhibition which is being held in a beautiful gallery space at The Civic in Barnsley in the UK. I got involved a month or so ago and after an initial chat was asked to make some suggestions for inclusion in a couple of the cabinet spaces.

The suggestions I put forward were Doktor A (he’s based about 60 or so miles from Barnsley, which in toy art terms is local) and Okedoki, and I got some real enthusiasm back very quickly from the staff organising the exhibition (Thanks go to Jason White for his infectious enthusiasm). It would appear that there was a real love for the toy art scene and I was more than happy to take down the Okedoki Benny the Dreamer box set and Doktor A organized a couple of pieces of his own to send along for inclusion.

So to the exhibition which I went to see yesterday, and you will see as usual I took MANY photographs for you to take a look at. The space is wonderful, really well lit with natural light and some supplementary lighting as well – all done very tastefully and with maximum respect and appreciation for the work on display. I have been to a lot of gallery spaces in many venues and in many countries around the world and this space is now in my top 5 gallery spaces. I won’t spend the next half an hour listing the pieces on display, hopefully the pictures will do that job – and I am sure that if your reading this then many of you will know much more about some of these pieces than I ever will!

OK so the first thing I need to point out is that THIS IS NOT A TOY ART EXHIBITION – it’s an exhibition that happens to feature toy art to illustrate the exhibitions purpose. This is the point where I let the gallery staff and their team share their vision for the exhibition and the purpose of the exhibits in the gallery space for this exhibition. “The Toy Box: From Pop to Present is a new exhibition, exclusive to The Gallery@ The Civic, exploring the use of toys in the world of contemporary art and design. By using British Pop Art of the 1950s and 1960s as a starting point and the movements it inspired, the exhibition will showcase paintings, prints, photography, fashion and sculpture from around the world. The Toy Box also takes a look at how toy companies have collaborated with artists to create collectable art toys, such as Urban Vinyl.” A great explanation of what you can come to expect from this fantastic exhibit.

For me, this is one of the most inspiring and relaxing exhibitions I have been to see for a long time. The fact that it includes toy art is an absolute bonus. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the WHATSHISNAME 120cm POPek a few days before the exhibition opening, and to see the enthusiasm in the assistant curators eyes as he showed me this piece told me everything I needed to know even before the exhibition was live. The art included in the exhibition which isn’t toy art is also stunning with names like Eduardo Paolozzi, Anne-Sophie Cochevelou and Paul McCarthy exhibiting their work.

Our friends at Collect and Display have a Pop Up shop in the entrance area of the main venue as well, which is getting some attention before visitors even enter the gallery space – a VERY clever idea which is being well managed by the staff at the venue to good effect. Additionally the exhibition has a real focus on engagement with people of all ages. It’s a safe creative space to take your kids, and they are included rather than excluded – which is always a good sign as it’s encouraging future artists and future collectors. This exhibition runs 29th July 2017 – 23rd September 2017.

“Judgement Rides To War” amazing custom from Jon-Paul Kaiser!!!

Ummmmmm, WOW… that’s our first reaction to seeing this amazing new custom from UK based artists Jon-Paul Kaiser as he shares with us today his “Judgement Rides To War“! Featuring a massive war elephant… but wait, there’s a 10″ Labbit buried deep in there; bulking out the torso, as well as parts from JPK’s Locodonta Dunny… how PERFECT is that, it looks stunning, and the rest is all hand-sculpted and painted… and standing almost 20” tall! Oh, and to top it off -literally- he put riding on top, one of his resin Judge figures, and his Acolytes on the side, which we first saw debut at his “UNAMERICAN ACTIVITY” group show (posted HERE) that went down at Toy Art Gallery in 2014!

The use of color in this piece along with the JPK signature black/white really build for some amazing contrast… what a fantastic piece of art! This was created as a private commission… so unfortunately for all of us, it’s spoken for… and we say “LUCKY” to that collector who has this in their collection!