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Jesse Hernandez x We Are Not Toys – Resin OZOMAHTLI teased?!?!

What the What?!?! Yes… this figure has finally come to fruition as Jesse Hernandez shared today this sweet picture you see in this post… a beautiful clear resin OZOMAHTLI cast up by TaskOne of We Are Not Toys.  We teased a post HERE back in April… and now we are seeing it all come together. 13 separate parts had to be cast for this, and it turned out so sick! Jesse mentions that this will see the light of day for Dcon 2017, so mark your calendars and get ready… this is one release you don’t want to miss!

Toy Art Gallery x RecycleC – “Ta Khon” test pull figure teased!

We posted up HERE back in April about a rad new project with Toy Art Gallery and Thailand based artist, RecycleC… and today, we are seeing some great soft vinyl test pulls of this soon to be release “TaKhon” figure! Revealed in beautiful flesh colored vinyl as well as the always rad black vinyl, this figure is shaping up to look quite amazing!

Although we don’t know much about it, after doing some research, “Ta Khon” or “Phi Ta Khon” as it’s known in lore… the ‘Phi’ is Thai for ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’ (pronounced as ‘pee’); ‘Ta’ (technically it sounds like ‘dtah’) means ‘eyes’; and ‘Khon’ refers to the famous Thai traditional, masked dance discipline… and as you can see, this figure embodies all of that! More on the release soon… but get ready, these will be a hot commodity!

Fool Paradise’s “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game” Teased!

First teased way back in 2015 at the Thailand Toy Expo when Fools Paradise hosted an exhibit titled Fools Garden, which debuted the concept of the “Coin Rides Game” series with several prototype sculpts on display. And we’ve seen all the “Coin Rides Game” pieces teased there except one: the landspeeder from A New Hope, the vehicle Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi ride along with the droids early on in the film. But it looks like the idea wasn’t abandoned, it just took a while to get to… Titled “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game #6” (since the listed #5 was the recent “S.troop” release), this’ll see the return of 2013’s “K3KO” design and the first time we’ll see Fools Paradise’s “Keiko” character interpreted into the likeness of Luke! Giving a say directly to his fans, the brand has taken to Facebook and Instagram to ask people if they want this fantastic looking piece made, so feel free to join in on the conversation. And for those unfamiliar with the “Coin Rides Game” concept, check out my video reviews for them: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

[Image of the Landspeeder prototype from TTE2015 courtesy of Lai Yui Wai via ToysREvil.]

Scott Tolleson teases a larger SHARD Dunny?!?!

Last night, Scott Tolleson posted to his Instagram the photos that you see below with the caption “Drop off at the magic factory. #crackhead #whatsnext???“… and from the looks of it, this appears to be a larger version of his most recently released “Shard” Dunny. Now, how do we come to that assumption? If you look at the photo below, you can see in the bottom left hand corner it looks like Scott’s hand holding said Dunny… and if that’s the case, this is MUCH larger then his previously released 3″ SHARD. Also, from the back of the head, the cracks look much bigger and more defined then the previously released smaller version… now, this is only speculation on our part, and the header image above is a photoshopped version of his smaller 3″ design that we whipped together just for this post.

In any case… we are really excited to actually find out what this could be, and what size?!?! Is this an 8″ version or did Scott meet right in the middle with the newer 5″ size of this classic platform. More will be revealed in the near future, but at least we have this image to drool over until further info is released!

“Everlusting Tales: The Sultry Snow White” by Djohan Hanapi × Mighty Jaxx!

Many famous fairy tales, whether we like to admit it or not, always contained at least a veiled reference to sexuality. And, of course, there have been many artists over the years that have made those alluded to elements more prominent, such as the work of Djohan Hanapi. Collectively referring to his work as “Everlusting Tales”, Djohan’s illustrations are reminiscent of the Disney-fied renditions of these female characters while still remaining wholly different, and I don’t just mean the fact that they rarely have clothes on. Or are found in various sexually awakened and aware ‘positions’. The very style of the linework is completely his own. And while he’s been creating these for years, it seems like the time is finally here for him to get a sculptural rendition of one of his designs…

Based on his “The Sultry Snow White” character, Mighty Jaxx have revealed the above as “a quick look at what to expect for the upcoming release”, implying that this illustration will be the basis for a designer toy rendition. And while her nudity is apparent, those looking closely might notice that the infamous poisoned apple from the story is in the picture, though being consumed in a way that I’m fairly certain the Brother Grimm wouldn’t have written.

Clogtwo’s “Hell Lotus” Gets Reborn for STGCC!

If you jump into the wayback machine then you’ll recall the Summer of 2012, when we announced a fledgling company called Mighty Jaxx and their debut vinyl figure, the “Hell Lotus” designed by Clogtwo. And then, not even a year later, the duo evolved the form into the “Trooper Lotus”, a Star Wars inspired rendition of the form. No, you don’t remember these things? You can read all about them HERE and HERE. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you. It’s been four years since then and now it seems like its time for the “Hell Lotus” to return, reimagined anew by Clogtwo as the “Hell Lotus Reincarnation”, a more majestic take on the design featuring a burning throne and a crown of flames. Set to be displayed at Mighty Jaxx’s Booth D3 at this year’s Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention in September, this is such an anticipated piece that even STGCC themselves announced it on their Instagram page.

John Kenn Mortensen × Unbox Industries’s “The Nameless Beast” Revealed!

In regards to the above-pictured, newest collaborative figure from Unbox Industries and artist John Kenn Mortensen, it seems that Dan Willett (of Unbox) asked Mortensen “what we should name this character”, and the reply was “it has no name, so it shall be known as the Nameless Beast”. So, there you have it: “The Nameless Beast”! A mixture of materials, the horns, teeth, and hands are produced using injection molding while the body is hand-pulled soft vinyl, with the pictured rendition being the paint master for, theoretically, the very first release. “When is it being released?” you might ask. From what we’ve been told, “very soon” is the reply!

Hideshi Hino’s “Panorama of Hell” Figures from Unbox Industries!

If you’re not familiar with Hideshi Hino, he is a Japanese artist whose horrific stories are filled with homicidal deviants and grotesque monstrosities. As a fan of his particularly gruesome stylings, it’s thrilling to see that Unbox Industries have arranged to produce a collectible figure based on his concepts, specifically the two figures above whose title, “Panorama of Hell”, are derived from one of Hino-san’s best known, self-contained works. Depicting nameless boy and girl characters, this duo comes with accessories topped with the severed animal heads! Standing roughly 6- to 8-inches tall based on the original photos, we’re told that it “is very likely that they will be sold as a pair.” Sculpted by David Arshawsky and personally approved by Hino-san himself, the pictured renditions are test casting to make sure that the figures and accessories fit together properly. Announced as coming soon, these soft vinyl beauties will be full painted when released, and it seems that Unbox also has the “approval to make tee shirts and pins based off his [Hino-san’s] entire body of work”, which means a bevy of beautifully creepy things are coming our way shortly!

Doktor A’s “Thomas Nosuke” Sofubi from Tomenosuke!

When Bruce Whistlecraft, better known by his alias of Doktor A, visited Japan for the first time, it as a participant in April 2014’s Monsters & Misfits III exhibition. Presumably at that time, he began discussing production opportunities with show co-coordinator Shinji Nakako of Tomenosuke. And the result, whose name certainly seems to be a tribute to Nakako’s brand, is “Thomas Nosuke”, a retro-futuristic robot imbued with Whistlecraft’s Mechtorian flairs, like a mustache and stylish attire. Having evolved slowly over time, the above-pictured rendition being “Version 3”, this piece is moving forward, sculptor Kaneko Yohei of Mirock Toy beginning work on the prototype of the piece for eventual casting in soft vinyl, or sofubi! Needless to say, I don’t think any Dok A fan will be disappointed with the results.

Sad Salesman teases “Dessert Oracle” vinyl release for Dcon!!!

Eric Althin of Sad Salesman has been on a roll lately with his adorable sculptures… and with the recent release of his “WIZARD” vinyl figure (posted HERE), he got a taste for vinyl, and sent us word a few weeks ago that his “Dessert Oracle” one off piece is making it’s way to vinyl… just in time for Dcon 2017… and to confirm, we stumbled across a sneak peek in the new Marsham Toy Hour Facebook group… where he shared the render you see in this post with Eric saying it will be 5″ tall! We can’t wait to find out more… and we couldn’t be happier for Eric, his figures are too cute not to be mass produced!