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Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx – “Huat The Fuck!” for STGCC 2017!!!

Cuddling up with his cats all day is getting mundane for our adventurous Panda who decided it was time to stretch some muscles and work those lazy bones. Watching the kids in his neighborhood riding their skateboards in the park, Panda was hit with the idea of learning a trick or two himself! Panda definitely wasn’t going to settle for just any ordinary skateboard. After going through all the skate shops in town, he finally struck gold with a board that was bound to turn heads. With his golden skateboard in hand and a badass attitude, cruise alongside Panda as he takes to the streets in search of his next adventure!

Releasing from Mighty Jaxx and created by Cacooca as part of his continued ‘Panda Ink’ line of figures, “Huat The Fuck!” will be up for grabs at STGCC 2017 via the Mighty Jaxx Stand: D3… and according to Mighty Jaxx, this figure will be BIGGER and better then the rest, Hmmmmm… what does that even mean?!?! More soon…

FLABSLAB x Pobber – “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust for STGCC 2017!

EVOLUTION… that’s what was posted with this photo you see in this post, and thanks to Pobber Toys and FlabSlab, it appears that they will be bringing a new edition of their “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust to STGCC 2017! Standing proud, and very GREEN/GOLD, no word on what they have planned, but we do know these will be at the Pobber booth AA104,106 – so yeah, be sure to swing by! Capitalizing on the lifestyle brand ‘SUPREME’ along with North Korea’s dicktator, Kim Jong-un – the 2 have been mashed together to create this 9″ tall resin bust!

Samurai Apes to debut at STGCC 2017 from Precious Junkz!

The 1st series of the Samurai Apes 4″ resin figures from Jakarta based Precious Junkz will make its debut at STGCC 2017 this year… and yeah, they look quite fantastic! Featuring the first 3 characters (Demba, Netsu and Namue) of the series. They come in a box set (STGCC exclusive) or a single random pack. Look for the randomly inserted variant chase figure (1:3 in box set, or 1:8 ratio in packs). These wonderful looking figures, along with some other convention exclusives, can be picked up at their booth #AA14 during the convention!

“For once, Boreo clan was the oldest and the most respected among the nines. Driven by guilt and sorrow armed with the legendary Sibat, Namue is the last of his kind took the resignation journey across the land to found the purpose of his existence.” 
“Only the bravest warrior can truly be deemed worthy of Futago, twin blades forged by the very first fire itself. Commanding and leads the fiercest warriors ever known, Netsu answers the call for battle under the banner of the Aka clan”
“Came from royal bloodline of the proud leaders of the Yara Clan, Demba took the responsibility to master the Iji regalia after the deceased of his father, and swore to protect the clan at all cost as the new clan leader”

Whatshisname × Mighty Jaxx’s “POPek (White Edition)”!

London-based artist Seb Whatshisname once again partners with Mighty Jaxx on a new color of his roughly 7⅞-inch (20 cm) tall “POPek” sculpture, the pure “White Edition”! Coming in two parts, the Jeff Koons inspired main element and the small balloon that seeminly emerged from the canine’s posterior, these will debut at this year’s Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention at Booth D3. Quantities will be limited, so make sure to show up early to ensure yourself a copy of this glorious work of art.

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – STGCC 2017 exclusive Brick Baby “Maxilla” revealed!

Halloween is just round the corner and Brick Baby “Maxilla” can’t wait any longer to throw on his costume and head out for some trick-or-treating! There’s countless costume ideas for Brick Baby “Maxilla” to choose from but it’s a no-brainer that he went for a XXRAY-inspired skeleton suit that will definitely make Jason Freeny a proud parent! Even when Brick Baby’s signature yellow body is covered by his Halloween suit, his protruding umbilical cord gives him away almost immediately. Follow Brick Baby Maxilla as he goes from door to door, collecting as many candies as he can to satisfy his growing sweet tooth! This will be up for grabs as an exclusive to STGCC 2017 and can be found at the Mighty Jaxx Stand: D3 during the convention!

Clogtwo’s “Hell Lotus” Gets Reborn for STGCC!

If you jump into the wayback machine then you’ll recall the Summer of 2012, when we announced a fledgling company called Mighty Jaxx and their debut vinyl figure, the “Hell Lotus” designed by Clogtwo. And then, not even a year later, the duo evolved the form into the “Trooper Lotus”, a Star Wars inspired rendition of the form. No, you don’t remember these things? You can read all about them HERE and HERE. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you. It’s been four years since then and now it seems like its time for the “Hell Lotus” to return, reimagined anew by Clogtwo as the “Hell Lotus Reincarnation”, a more majestic take on the design featuring a burning throne and a crown of flames. Set to be displayed at Mighty Jaxx’s Booth D3 at this year’s Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention in September, this is such an anticipated piece that even STGCC themselves announced it on their Instagram page.

The Great SpankyStokes x STGCC Ticket Giveaway!!!

After our announcement HERE about Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) celebrating its 10th year anniversary, we are really excited to be hosting a great giveaway with STGCC as they have allocated 10 free tickets for our readers. That’s right, FREE admission to #STGCC2017 for 10 lucky winners! Nothing planned for September 9th-10? Well, now you do! So strap in, sit tight, and follow the instructions on how to enter.

For Facebook: Head over to SpankyStokes’ Facebook page HERE and STGCC page HERE. Like us, find the contest post HERE, like it and share it!

For Instagram: Visit SpankyStokes’ Instagram account HERE and STGCC’ account HERE. Follow us, like the contest post and post a screenshot of it with the hashtags #SpankySTGCC #STGCC2017. Make sure your account is public.

For Twitter: Follow us HERE and HERE, and tweet this “I just entered to win a FREE ticket to @singaporetgcc on http://www.spankystokes.com you should too #SpankySTGCC #STGCC2017”.

Each one of them is an entry, so if you did all of them, you get 6 entries! This contest will end on Wednesday, August 9th at 10:00pm PST, so you only have a few days to get your entries in. 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted to claim your ticket! So what are you waiting for? Get after it and a BIG thanks to the folks over at STGCC for hosting this with us! Note: The event will be held in Singapore on 9-10 September.

Wetworks × Paulus Hyu’s “Sleepwalker Offspring (Koi)” for STGCC!

Paulus Hyu‘s “Sleepwalker Offspring” rendition of “Nimbus” has been a sell out success since debuted at last year’s DesignerCon, and we expect this version to be no different. Limited to 6 unique pieces, each hand-painted by Carlo “Wetworks” Cacho using strictly spray cans, these “Koi” versions of the 3½-inch tall little doggies will be exclusively available at Kurobokan‘s Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC) booth next month!

STGCC celebrates their 10 year anniversary!!!

WHOA, can you believe that the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) is set to kick off their 10th year as a convention?!?! It’s crazy to think about where they started and where they are going… and we have been covering them from their very fledgling stages! This year, they have added a ton of new segments , a who’s who of guests including Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co.) and Simone Legno (Tokidoki), tons of cosplay, and a rad new Star Wars zone, only accessible to “STGCC All-Access Pass” holders. This will be an awesome convention, and if you are in or around the Marina Bay Sands convention center (10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956) on September 9th… you need to snag up some tickets and attend!

Luke Chueh × Mighty Jaxx – “Batbear (Black & Gold)” Resin Bust… available now!!!

We first spotted this art toy HERE back in September at STGCC2016, and now… it’s up for grabs! Take the immediately recognizable style of lowbrow contemporary artist Luke Chueh and sprinkle in the costume of one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, the result being… “Batbear!” WWe love seeing what happens when Chueh’s sad bear character dons the Dark Knight’s cowl. With production partner Mighty Jaxx ready to release these “Black & Gold” versions of the 12-inch tall resin busts, this stylized rendition is limited to 100 pieces and can be picked up HERE for only $125 a pop… get on it!