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Violence Toy launches HUGE online release!

Up for grabs HERE right now… an entire collection of amazing custom one-ff figures and blanks from Violence Toy! Snag up some “Tower’s”, “Mutant Cop’s”, “DK-9’s”, “Babylon Boy’s”… and so much more. The paint on some of these figures is truly impressive, but who needs paint when the sculpts are so fantastic. So creepy, so good! Go now… they are selling like hot cakes!

Toy Art Gallery x RecycleC – “Ta Khon” test pull figure teased!

We posted up HERE back in April about a rad new project with Toy Art Gallery and Thailand based artist, RecycleC… and today, we are seeing some great soft vinyl test pulls of this soon to be release “TaKhon” figure! Revealed in beautiful flesh colored vinyl as well as the always rad black vinyl, this figure is shaping up to look quite amazing!

Although we don’t know much about it, after doing some research, “Ta Khon” or “Phi Ta Khon” as it’s known in lore… the ‘Phi’ is Thai for ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’ (pronounced as ‘pee’); ‘Ta’ (technically it sounds like ‘dtah’) means ‘eyes’; and ‘Khon’ refers to the famous Thai traditional, masked dance discipline… and as you can see, this figure embodies all of that! More on the release soon… but get ready, these will be a hot commodity!

Rato Kim’s sofvi “Mint Chocolate” Breadcat for Beijing Toy Show!

Looking to score that next great edition of Rato Kim’s Breadcat… in sofuvi?!?! Well, up for grabs at the Wrong Gallery booth #28 during the upcoming Bejing Toy Show, you will have a crack at the “Mint Chocolate” edition, and how delicious does this look?!?! Limited to 20 pieces and retailing for $90 a pop, these Unbox produced soft vinyl figures will be in high demand, so get to the booth early if you plan on getting one!

Brandt Peters teases “CLYDE” head release for Dcon 2017!!!

In an awesome surprise to most of us who have followed the progress for Brandt Peters and MVH’sClyde” figure. The figure featured a head sculpt from Brandt and the DX Demon sculpt from MVH, a rad little collab, that being said, it had run it’s course and it was stated that there would be no more of these made anymore… but today, we find out, that’s not really the case, per say!

Brandt posted the above video on his Instagram showing the head of “Clyde” being pulled and mentions that “Get ready DCON – Will be releasing custom painted Clyde sack heads for the event!” which is awesome news… he goes onto say that “We will be moving towards a new body direction in the near future“, so yes… no more Clyde’s in their original form will be made from here on out… as new versions with new bodies will soon see the light of day! In the meantime, we get to see just the head of Clyde released… which is fine by us! More on this very soon!

PLANET-X’s “Classic Black” GOLIATHON lottery announced!!!

The lottery sale for PLANET-X’s GOLIATHON has just been announced and it’s for their 1st official colorway, the “Classic Black” edition! Standing a whopping 10″ tall, he’s cast in black soft vinyl and features gun metal highlights and 9 points of articulation… and is limited to just 40 pieces. The lottery is live now until 23:59 Aug 27, 2017 (HKT)… and if you are interested, these will retail for $150 a pop! To enter for a chance at purchasing one of these beasts, send the following information to info@planetx.asia : 1. Name 2. Shipping Address 3. Country 4. Tel. Number 5. PayPal account name 6. Instagram / Facebook name • Winners will receive a notification email by August 31, 2017 and items will be shipped early Oct, 2017! Best of luck to all who enter to buy one of these… they are AWESOME!

Blingaling’s Hand-Painted “Flamin’ Hott Ghouls” Edition!

A stylized and stunning rendition Max Schreck’s vampiric Count Orlok character from the cinema classic Nosferatu, “The Ghoul” may just be one of my top vinyl designs from this year. Designed by Craig Gleason, produced by Justin Ishmael, and actually pulled in Japanese vinyl by Luke “Grody Shogun” Rook, this 5-inch tall beauty has quite the pedigree. No wonder Robert “Blingaling” Evans acquired several of them to hand-paint, granting some nice fades to their forms and highlighting the texture of their exposed ‘skin’ areas. With three remade as “Flamin’ Hott Ghouls” and a singular “Disco Beetle Ghoul” rendition, these will be available on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 11am Pacific time in Blingaling’s new online shop for only $55 apiece.

Javier Jimenez’s “Watari Kappa” Design Debuts!

A kappa is a creature from Japanese folklore, a type of river imp with the beak of a bird and the shell of a turtle, usually with either yellowish-green or -blue reptilian ‘skin’. So when Javier Jimenez revealed his new figure design, the pictured “Watari Kappa”, or ‘wandering kappa’, I thought he made this creature both adorable and accurate looking! There’s even an element in the stories about how a kappa must always keep the top of their head wet, thus the lilypad like element Jimenez places there makes perfect sense. Created and designed by Jiménez, the “Watari Kappa” was sculpted by Victor Marin and produced by Andy Kuok. Limited to only 150 pieces, these will be making their debut at Jimenez’s solo Ghetto Hyakkiyagyo exhibition at Playtoys in Taipei. We understand they will be $30 apiece and copies will be made available to those unable to attend the event.

Watari Kappa is a young kappa girl who lived in a small pond. Life at the pond was so boring for her. She really wanted to see the world, but her friends and family said she should stay at the pond, as the world was a full of dangers.
One day, a mysterious traveler stopped by the pond and told her stories about all the beautiful places he had seen…and this gave her the courage to leave the pond and start her own trip! Now she’s traveling all around the world, discovering many wonderful places and of course, facing danger and adventure!!

Three Tides Tattoo × Secret Base’s Tattooed Skeletons with Demon Masks!

Mitomo Horihiro of the world-famous Three Tides Tattoo collective once again has collaborated with Secret Base, the partnership producing the pictured “Irezumi Dokuro Man” figures in their second release version. Each standing roughly 3¾-inches tall, they are humanoid forms that have full-body tattoos (Irezumi) and wear a traditional female demon (Hannya) mask from Japan’s Noh theatre, an element that conceals them as being skeleton (Dokuro) men. There are four versions available, each named after the member of the Three Tides Tattoo collective that designed the tattoos adorning it: HORITATSU MITOMO, HORIHIRO MITOMO, NAMI, and MUTSUO. Available now from the Three Tides Tattoo online shop for ¥7,700 (approx. $70) apiece.

Daniel Yu announces HUGE web-store release!!!

Daniel Yu
will be releasing a bunch of figures, including his: Jiangshi Acolyte, Lunar Beast and his new 8″ resin Zuco Banana… he’ll also have a bunch of smaller items: The Plague Oracle, Lunar Cleric, and Kaijuman… they will all be making an appearance. Kaijuman is a collaboration between local art/family collective holycrap.sg which was designed by them and produced/painted by Daniel. These will all drop HERE at 7am PST starting tomorrow – Friday, August 18th… don’t miss out on this drop!

OLTRETOMBA announces custom painted “ALIEN” micro run!

The anonymous entity known as OLTRETOMBA is back with a brand new figure… well, kinda. Utilizing the body of their first figure and ploppin on a rad new “Alien” head, this massive 12″ tall soft vinyl figure is being release as a custom painted mico-run and on glow in the dark vinyl to boot! Limited to just 5 pieces, this creepy looking creature sports 5 points of articulation and is up for grabs HERE right now for €199($230) a pop w/ shipping included!