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2PetalRose’s “Kid Katana” pre-order announced… EPIC!!!

We have been following the progress of 2PetalRose’s “Kid Katana” and low and behold… the time is finally here, the release of these amazing figures! Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, the once 7″ tall figure was downsized to 3.5″ tall, and that is where he remained. After months of tweaking, printing, casting and painting… “Kid Katana” is ready to battle his way into your collections! “This journey begins at Capitol Point, a small underground bunker town on the outskirts of what used to be Tokyo city. Those that survived the last war were forced underground to escape being captured and enslaved by the Emperor. With very little entertainment, children are encouraged to train in the ancient art of the Samurai under the guidance of Master ZU. One katana wielding student they call “The Kid” is ready to fight back and free the slaves, but he can’t do it alone… He needs to assemble a team… of Renegade Knights.” The craftsmanship on these figures is some of the best work we have seen… but really, that’s no surprise coming from 2PR as they have always been amazing when it comes to quality!

This is a pre-order and they are set to be up for grabs this Monday the 28th of August at 8am PST via the 2PetalRose online store! Releasing as 2 editions, the “Original” and “Skull” edition are limited to 15 pieces of each and priced at £70($90) a pop. Like mentioned, this is a pre-order and figures will ship aprox 8 weeks after order. Each figure is 3.5″ inches tall and comes with a base, sashimono, katana, lucky Noodle mascot (by Concrete & Bone) and a scroll… and come in an awesome looking blister package. These will go super quick and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this line of amazing looking figures! Don’t miss out on this release!!!

WIN ME! Oasim Karmieh’s Baby Batman in a Beyond Retro Edition!

We’ve been waiting for the return of Romanian-based 3D sculptor Oasim Karmieh‘s “Batsy” piece, an adorable interpretation of the classic DC Comics character merged with this likeness of Karmieh’s own daughter. Standing roughly 6-inches tall (or 12-inches with the base), this “Batsy Beyond Retro” edition mimics the look of the future’s dark knight though in a not-so-dark form. Hand-cast in resin by the artist, this pieces sports a double-sided leather cape and is held aloft by a metal rod affixed to a wooden base, its Air Jordan 12 Retros dangling above the ground. All hand-painted by the artist himself, this new edition will be limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces, which will be available to pre-order on August 14th until the end of the 15th, at midnight Pacific time, from Karmieh’s online shop for $150 apiece. But, in the meantime, you can enter to WIN ONE in an Instagram contest that Karmieh is holding right now, which you can enter HERE.

2PetalRose’s “Mini Kid Katana” Coming Soon!

2PetalRose has had the concept for “Kid Katana” for a while, but it was finding the talented sculptor & 3D artist Oasim Karmieh that pushed it forward, Karmieh having digitally rendered the design for 2PetalRose. And once the roughly 7-inch tall figure was done to 2PetalRose’s satisfaction, he realized that it would be easy to resize it — as it was a 3D sculpt — into a 3½-inch mini form. But in a twist and a turn, 2PetalRose is actually now planning to debut the design with the smaller and more affordable “Mini Kid Katana”! Each figure will come with a katana, printed scroll, base & printed sashimono (Japanese battle banner), all hand cast and painted by 2PetalRose himself! In fact, it appears the only difference between the mini and regular sized versions will be the helmet, which I’d imagine wouldn’t downsize well, but that top knot bun looks stellar all by its lonesome! With 2 editions scheduled to be available for pre-order in the next couple of weeks, make sure you follow 2PetalRose on Instagram to get the most up-to-date announcements!

Conan the Barbarian becomes truly “Barbaric” in this model kit!

While I’ll forever picture Conan the Barbarian as portrayed by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, sculptor & 3D artist Oasim Karmieh has done a masterful job of interpreting the muscular Robert E. Howard character in his own manner. Titled “Barbaric conan”, this unpainted ABS and resin model kit comes with 18 unassembled pieces, which together form the pictured 10-inch tall interpretation of Conan! Limited to only 10 unpainted kits for $99, which can be snagged from HERE… but wait, what about the painted version?!? Well, if you’re like me and you prefer your pieces to come pre-painted, then Karmieh himself has assembled 2 — and only two! — sets. Featuring real leather on the weapon handles, gilding on the belt’s lion head, real chains on the wrists and loincloth, and even realistic mud & grass on the base, this carefully detailed version includes all the removable accessories — including magnet attachable shield — as the unpainted version. Available now and expected to ship by the end of September, these ultra-limited painted versions will set you back $499 apiece from HERE!

Stranger Things “ELEVEN” limited edition art toy from Oasim Karmieh!!!

Just like in ‘Spinal Tap‘ we are about to crank things up to Eleven. Posted up HERE earlier this week, we gave you all a sneak peek into what sculptor/3D artist Oasim Karmieh was up to with his latest project… an awesome ‘Eleven’ inspired figure from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things! Now… it’s complete and up for pre-order HERE right now! This adorable rendition of the character captures her slightly scary aspect while also embracing her cuter side. Based on an illustration by Rocío García Rodríguez, this figure stands 6″ tall and comes with a metallic base as well as 3 removable and posable Magnetic Eggos – CLASSIC! We really dig the super-deformed almost chibi look of this figure, and those subtle blood drops – yup – spot on! Limited to just 20 pieces, you can grab one up HERE right now for $175.

Oasim Karmieh tackles Eleven from Stranger Things!

Around these parts we’ve rapidly fallen in love with the work of sculptor & 3D artist Oasim Karmieh, who has teased his next art toy piece… Inspired by Eleven from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, this adorable rendition of the character captures her slightly scary aspect while also embracing her cuter side. Based on an illustration by Rocío García Rodríguez, which is pictured below, we even understand the finished piece will come with the three Eggo accessories teased below… We’ll obviously keep you updated on this release, but make sure you follow Karmieh’s Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out on what will probably be a very popular piece.

VIDEO REVIEW: Oasim Karmieh’s Louis C.K. inspired art toy, Luis!

If you’re a fan of stand up comedy, then Romanian artist Oasim Karmieh‘s “Stand Up Comedy Art Toys” series is just for you. Debuting with “Luis”, a sculptural interpretation of Louis C.K., this is 3D printed in Z-ABS plastic and hand-painted by Karmieh. Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide, we’re thrilled to have gotten one so that we can show off all the immaculate details of this fantastic work in a video review!

Comedian Bill Burr becomes an art toy from Oasim Karmieh!

Rolling Stone called him “the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor” and The New York Times went so far as to refer to him as “one of the funniest, most distinctive voices in the country for years”. Yes, we’re talking about Bill Burr, the American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster. And now Oasim Karmieh is paying art toy tribute to him by releasing the pictured “Billy Red” creation, following from the “LUIS” piece in the Comedy Special Art Toys Collection. Standing roughly 6-inches tall, or 7-inches with the base, this original rendition of comedian is limited to 10 signed & numbered sets, each one specially 3D printed and hand-painted by the artist. Coming with a removeable mic, mic stand, and base, this piece really captures a life-like fluidity to its form… Another fantastic job from Karmeih! And all pre-orders for this piece will come with a Bill Burr inspired print by artist Carlos Gomez Cabral! Available to pre-order now from Karmieh’s online shop for $349 apiece, these are expected to begin shipping in March.

Oasim Karmieh’s “Adulthood” Destroys Disney’s Donald Duck!

In my book, Oasim Karmieh is the break-through artist of 2016, with such clean executions and exciting concepts rarely coming from someone in their first year active within the field. Admittedly, Karmieh has years of digital sculpting experience, but that will only get you so far when you are sculpting, casting in resin, and hand-painting everything yourself! Take for instance the pictured “Adulthood” piece, which depicts the Karmieh Industries bomb-shaped logo having landed, unexploded, but still taking a casualty… a rubble base lending hints here or there of the victim, who bears some mighty similar aspects to Disney’s Donald Duck character! With four distinct elements — bomb, duck, limbs, and hat — all being removable, the display options for this piece feel almost limitless. Standing 6-inches tall, 8-inches wide, and 6-inches long, these handcrafted works of art are limited to 15 signed pieces that are available for pre-order now from Karmieh’s online shop for $189 apiece, with finished works expected to ship in January 2017.