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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Marvin the Martian & Tweety gets UPSIZED for XXRAY PLUS!

A new batch of XXRAY figures comes your way thanks to Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx… and this go around, there’s something in common… something very Looney… if you know what we mean as Marvin the Martian and Tweety gets UPSIZED for XXRAY PLUS!!!

A recurring antagonist from the Looney Tunes Show, Marvin the Martian might be small in size but he definitely has great ambitions! Armed with his loyal puppy K-9 and army of Instant Martians, this buggy little terrorist is making it his life Mission to destroy planet Earth! Marvin the Martian will be making his anatomical debut with his signature warrior’s helmet and ballet tutu in an exclusive 8.5″ XXRAY PLUS edition HERE for $80 a pop!

I tawt I taw a puddy tat…I did, I did, I did taw a puddy tat!” Everyone’s favorite little canary might be sweet as sugar with his singing and swinging in the cage but he’s also tough as nails when a “bad ol’ puddy tat” is bothering him. Tweety can definitely fight his own fight while keeping up with his lovable appearance, it’s no wonder he’s making the hearts of young and old flutter! Add this exclusive 8″ tall XXRAY PLUS edition of Tweety to your Looney Tunes collection today HERE for $80 a pop!

Jason Freeny’s “XXRAY Looney Tunes, Series 2” is coming this weekend from Mighty Jaxx!

As we’d previously announced, Jason Freeny once again brings his artistic quarter-cut process to the world of licensed Looney Tunes characters for the second XXRAY line of releases from the classic cartoons. Revealing the skeletal systems and inner organs of “Daffy Duck”, “Taz”, and “Martian the Martian”, these mergings of the commercial and conceptual are released by Mighty Jaxx, who tell us that the roughly 4-inch tall ABS plastic pieces will be available to pre-order on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 at 7am Pacific time from mightyjaxx.rocks for $19.99 apiece!

[Some images and information courtesy of Collect & Display.]

Jason Freeny’s “XXRAY Looney Tunes, Series 2” from Mighty Jaxx!

Bluring the lines between licensed collectibles and art toys, Mighty Jaxx‘s “XXRAY” line partnership with Jason Freeny continues to impress. A true merging of the commercial and conceptual, licensed production pieces of popular characters are remade through Freeny’s quarter-cut dissection artistic vision. Following up the last month’s “XXRAY Looney Tunes” renditions of “Bugs Bunny” and “Tweety Bird”, we’re treated to images of the upcoming “Series 2” trio: “Daffy Duck”, “Taz”, and “Martian the Martian”! Expected to be released in the Summer of 2017, these roughly 4-inch tall ABS pieces should retail for roughly $19.99 apiece.

[Images and some information courtesy of Collect & Display.]

Available Tomorrow: Jason Freeny’s “XXRAY Looney Tunes” from Mighty Jaxx!

I give credit to Mighty Jaxx for forming the “XXRAY” line around the artistry of Jason Freeny, forming an ongoing partnership that focuses on merging Freeny’s quarter-cut dissection artistic vision to licensed production pieces of popular characters. It’s a wonderful merging of the commercial and the conceptual, which has evolved into the newest line, “XXRAY Looney Tunes”! Debuting with the pictured 5-inch tall “XXRAY Bugs Bunny” and the 3-inch tall “XXRAY Tweety Bird” this weekend, its hard not to immediately compare this rabbit rendition to the 12-inch tall one Kidrobot previously released with Freeny. Personally, I find the XXRAY version to capture the cartoon feel a bit better, as the KR version had a bit of an elongated feel to it, and there’s a liveliness to the pose of the XXRAY version’s ears and arms in comparrison as well… Regardless of which one you prefer, these “XXRAY Looney Toon” pieces will be available on December 3rd, 2016 from MightyJaxx.com for $19.99 apiece.

Kidrobot SDCC 2016 Pre-Orders on Kidrobot.com!!!

Kidrobot has just announced six SDCC 2016 convention exclusives that will be available for pre-order on Kidrobot.com starting Monday, June 13th! The kicker… Pre-orders are available for pick-up at San Diego Comic Con 2016 ONLY… so you have to be attending! To pick up, you will need to show your order number, valid ID, and badge… and the name on ID and badge must match. Our only question is… where are the ‘Art Toys’ at… these are cool and all, but they are all licensed properties! Hopefully, more will be announced… that being said, without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

Adventure Time “The Lich” 8-inch Resin Figure
Limited Edition 200 pieces • $100

The Simpsons Kaiju “Mr. Sparkle” 7-inch Figure
Limited Edition 500 pieces • $50

Street Fighter “Shin Akuma” 7-inch Figure
Limited Edition 500 pieces • $50

Jason Freeny Glow-in-the-Dark “Anatomical Wabbit” 12-inch FigureLimited Edition 500 pieces • $65

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gold “Shredder” 7-inch Figure
Limited Edition 500 pieces • $40

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green “Triceraton” 7-inch Figure
Limited Edition 500 pieces • $40

Mega Man Metallic 3-inch Figure
Limited Edition 1500 pieces • $15

WuzOne goes Looney… Tunes, that is! Check out his “Taz, the Tasmanian Devil” Custom Dunnys!

Even though he only appeared in five shorts during the heyday of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons that he was created, the Tasmanian Devil — commonly referred to as Taz — had a surprising resurgence in the ’90s that resulted in him even getting his own show, Taz-Mania! While most would be influenced by this later popularity, the artist WuzOne proclaims himself to be “a big fan of cartoons, especially the classics,” so we assume it was actually those infrequent early appearances that influenced the creation of Wuz’s “Taz”-inspired hand-painted series. Back in 2009, Wuz created a Cartoon Series but omitted “Taz,” an oversight that he’s happy to correct now! Featuring four hand-painted 3-inch tall Dunnys (teased above) and one 8-inch tall Dunny, these signed and numbered works will be available today (March 2nd, 2016) at 7am Pacific time in WuzOne’s online shop for $85 and $245 respectively.