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Samurai Apes to debut at STGCC 2017 from Precious Junkz!

The 1st series of the Samurai Apes 4″ resin figures from Jakarta based Precious Junkz will make its debut at STGCC 2017 this year… and yeah, they look quite fantastic! Featuring the first 3 characters (Demba, Netsu and Namue) of the series. They come in a box set (STGCC exclusive) or a single random pack. Look for the randomly inserted variant chase figure (1:3 in box set, or 1:8 ratio in packs). These wonderful looking figures, along with some other convention exclusives, can be picked up at their booth #AA14 during the convention!

“For once, Boreo clan was the oldest and the most respected among the nines. Driven by guilt and sorrow armed with the legendary Sibat, Namue is the last of his kind took the resignation journey across the land to found the purpose of his existence.” 
“Only the bravest warrior can truly be deemed worthy of Futago, twin blades forged by the very first fire itself. Commanding and leads the fiercest warriors ever known, Netsu answers the call for battle under the banner of the Aka clan”
“Came from royal bloodline of the proud leaders of the Yara Clan, Demba took the responsibility to master the Iji regalia after the deceased of his father, and swore to protect the clan at all cost as the new clan leader”

Dimski and his resin “Scumbag Mutant”!

Straight out of Indonesia comes the eye catching work of Dimski who is an artist based in the city of Jakarta. This piece caught our eye on Instagram and definitely stands out with something a little different thrown in to the mix. Dimski’s latest piece (called Scumbag Mutant) is a 6″ resin figure with magnetic joints in the shoulders, arms, waist… and this is what Dimski has to say about the Scumbag Mutant…

This figure is based around the idea that every villain is a new hero, so I have just put a simply ugly things using Kamen Rider Black belt from 80’s tokusatsu series which he was part of my childhood hero.” Available for sale early March – you can contact Dimski for more details via his Instagram HERE or Online Store HERE!

Alympu’s “Zombie Squad: Arthur” Giant Ape with Rider 1/6th Scale Custom Set!

There’s a rumbling deep in the ground… boom, boom, boom. Giant footsteps, one after another, shaking the world to its knees. Is that Godzilla? King Kong? No, it’s Arthur! When the viral infection spread the zombie plague, most research facilities not focused on finding a cure shut down, as was the case with the project from a now abandoned zoo that created this metamorphic giant ape. Forgotten, this beast struggled to survive, eventually freeing itself. Eventually finding a human friend, who calls this beast “Arthur” after a plate on its arm, the duo clear the path with a giant sword and have become part of… the Zombie Squad! What’s “Zombie Squad,” you might ask? It’s a series of 1/6th scale customs created by Indonesian artist Alympu, all set in the fictional world I creatively outlined above. This 18-inch tall resin figure has scratch built parts and specially made weapon, the entire form hand-painted to realistic perfection. A unique, one-of-a-kind custom creation, this will be available at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 at Booth A14-08.

Wetworks’s “Ahok” in Governor’s Suit & Jedi Costume figures for Indonesia Comic Con!

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is the proper name of the current Governor of Jakarta, though most know him by the nickname Ahok. Moreover, many foreigners simply know him because he participated in the 2014 Jakarta Cosplay Parade, dressing himself like a Jedi from Star Wars. Well, now he can get to know both sides of him through a designer toy release! Created by Carlo Cacho, better known as Wetworks, for a partnership between GOSH TOYS and FLABSLAB, we present “The Governor: Ahok” figure in both suit attire and Jedi costume! Released at the Indonesia Comic Con on October 1st & 2nd, 2016, these can be located at Goshen Media’s booth… where Cacho will be present for some signing and live figure painting. Fantastic news for those that can go!

“NYET” Mono version from ALYMPU!!!

Meet Indonesian based artist ALYMPU’s latest character,”NYET”!!! Meaning ‘Monkey’ in Indonesian – this grumpy monkey stands 3.5″ tall of solid resin and is handmade and hand painted, this is a limited edition and every pieces is unique, made just for you. If interested, hit up ALYMPU via Instagram HERE of contact him directly via adlini@gmail.com! We love the clean lines, the use of color, and of course the rough texture. Really fun!

“DA’ BONE KILLAH” custom resin figure from ALYMPU!!!

Talk about a STONE COLD KILLER… this rad custom, created by Jakarta based artist ALYMPU, features the resin Davidthekiller figure which has been transformed into what looks like an ancient skeletal relic. By using paint and spray on texture, “DA’ BONE KILLAH” turne dout quite fantastic, and we love that spot of red on the butcher knife… the perfect bit of contrasting color to the black/white landscape! For more from ALYMPU, hit up his instagram HERE!

Jouwe 3″ custom group show anounced!!!

Marine Ramdhani is excited to announce an upcoming group show that will feature his ‘Jouwe’ figure in an all new scale… the 3″ tall mini-Jouwe!!! This show will feature 20 customizers and designers from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bogor… the list of customizers includes: Abell Octovan (Jkt) – The Space Wanderer (jkt) – Burhanbros (Jkt) – Silvia Tampi (Jkt) – Bangkit Welkid (Jkt) – Bowo Bhagaskara (Jkt) – Graphicgun (Jkt) – Alympu (Jkt) – WHOP (Bdg) – Helllomuaw (Bdg) – Mulyawan (Sby) – Kong Andry (Jkt ) – Goodhabit (Jkt) – Encyclo tech (Jkt)!!! Oh, and Marine mentions that this is also first Jouwe custom show in his home town Bandung! More info soon… and hopefully we will see the worldwide release of the 3″ version of this figure in the near future!

Perry The Sea Wanderer “Golden Eye” edition released!

WOW, it’s been a really long time since we have seen/heard anything on Eric Wirjanata’s “Perry The Sea Wanderer” resin art multiple figure, but he just announced that ‘Perry’ is ready for his triumphant return… the “Golden Eye” edition!!! This is the 4th colorway from the series and it’s limited to only 6 pieces! Standing 6″ tall, this rad edition is up for grabs HERE right now… but head on over quickly, they won’t last long!!!

Plastic Culture x Toykultur x Brotherhood of Toys – “SPOOKTOBER” Indonesian based custom Munny exhibition!

It’s the month of scare. The month of ghost stories where the wind blows and the dark cloud thickens. You hear the sound of the howling, something is lingering. You know it’s that time of the year. It’s SPOOKTOBER… and the folks over at Plastic Culture are hosting a huge custom Munny exhibition hosted by Brotherhood of Toys and curated by Toykultur! On display will be custom figures customized by artists from the islands of Indonesia. This exhibition will be held on October 31st, 2015 – November 8th, 2015 at Plastic Culture, at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Featuring custom 4″ Munny’s by Indonesia artists and illustrators, including: Alympu, Andi Martin, Arvi Oman, Bedlam, Bowo Baghaskara, Brian Harsanto, Burhan Bros, Castella Natalia, Celline, Chubby Monster, David The Killer, Dewi Sastra, Dunnylicious, Eric Noah, Freewilliy, Guerrel, Gunawan Lo, Kendy Tan, Kong Andri, Loredanzo, Margaret Yap, MIAO, Mr. Kum Kum, SEN Customs, The Good Habit, The Space Wanderer, ToyKultur, Ugagoo, WHOP, and Wijaya Santoso. It’s going to be a great show!

Nakanari’s “Not My Spiki Show” pays tribute to well-known artists

While traveling to Indonesia, Tony Nakanari will be exhibiting a whole cast of custom figures in what he is calling the “Not My Spiki Show”, Nakanari’s first solo tribute art exhibit! This will feature 15-20 custom pieces inspired by well-known artists in the designer vinyl scene. The artists that Nakanari pays tribute to include: Arkiv Vilmansa, Angry Woebots, Futura 2000, Flying Förtress, Frank Kozik, Ugly Doll, Itokin Park, Jermaine Rogers, Kendy Tandiono, Kun (Sakun), Michael Lau, Mist, Reach, and a Secret Guest! Even though this is an homage, it does seem a bit odd that he is taking the artists style and replicating it verbatim on his own platform… I hope all the artists are okay with this, but seeing as Nakanari has been involved with the scene for so long, I am sure he got their blessings! Nakanari has also invited Andri Widjaja, Evan Tsai, Timothy Istianto and Laughin’ Man as featured artists to showcase their work at the show. The “Not My Spiki Show” is open to the public and will be held at Plastic Culture at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall on September 19 at 6pm. Each of the custom art pieces in the exhibit are not for sale and are one-of-a-kind, but photography of the pieces and event is very much welcome.