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WHO-R-U? custom group show at Mothership Gallery!!!

MikeFX has teamed up with Playful Gorilla and the Mothership Art Gallery to host the “Who-R-U” custom group art show… and now, it’s not focused on the legendary band The Who… rather, a new blank figure from MikeFX. All of the fantastic pieces featured in  this show are customs on Mike’s ‘WHO-R-U’ blank resin figure, a pretty amazing figure by itself, but what the artists did to this piece really make it shine.


“El Patrullero y El Bandido” customs from Forces Of Dorkness for “Spirit of ’77” group art show!

Scott Kinnebrew aka Forces of Dorkness channeled his inner 1977 for the upcoming “Spirit of ’77” group art show at Guzu Gallery as he custom made Fisher Price adventure people and turned them into none other than Burt Reynolds as Bo Darville (“Bandit”) and Sally Field as Carrie (“Frog”) from the 1977 hit movie “Smokey and The Bandit“… and in Scott’s case, “El Patrullero y El Bandido“! These turned out really great, and we love the backer cards almost as much as the figures themselves, really fantastic work! This show is going down on September 1, 2017 from 7-10pm at Guzu Gallery… so if you are in or around the Austin Texas area, be sure to swing by! For more info, visit the official show Facebook page HERE.

Blown Away GRIN custom from Josh Mayhem for solo show at Clutter!!!

Check out this rad exclusive teaser picture sent over to us from the folks over at Corner12 to help promote Josh Mayhem’s solo show at Clutter Gallery opening this weekend (posted HERE)! This teaser pic of a BLOWN AWAY Ron English Grin (Greed Will Destroy the World) will be featured in his solo show… amongst the many other pieces (some more teasers below)! Speaking of, there are only 14 pieces in the show and this is Josh’s first take on a RE piece… so yeah, we can’t wait to see the full reveal! If you are in or around the Beacon, NY area… be sure to swing by Clutter this Saturday, Aug 12th, from 6-9pm to check this piece out and say hello to Josh!

Clutter presents: Josh Mayhem Solo Show – Blown Away!

Josh Mayhem is getting things in order to BLOW AWAY the East Coast with a brand new solo show opening at Clutter Gallery this coming weekend, Saturday, Aug 12th, from 6-9pm… so prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! On display and up for grabs will be a whole slew of new works featuring his signature customizing ‘blown away’ technique, and as you can see from some images in this post, no platform/figure is safe! Josh will be in attendance, so make sure you stop by and show him your support. Sales for this show will be offered to Clutter’s Preview list subscribers first. An email will be sent out on Saturday the 12th, at 12(noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase from the shows. To sign up to the list, click HERE!

The Toy Box: From Pop to Present – Exhibition – Barnsley UK

It’s really REALLY rare to see a toy art exhibition in the UK, so when an organisation from outside the traditional toy art world picks up the mantel and puts together an exhibition that includes toy art – it’s great news. The Toy Box: From Pop to Present is an exhibition which is being held in a beautiful gallery space at The Civic in Barnsley in the UK. I got involved a month or so ago and after an initial chat was asked to make some suggestions for inclusion in a couple of the cabinet spaces.

The suggestions I put forward were Doktor A (he’s based about 60 or so miles from Barnsley, which in toy art terms is local) and Okedoki, and I got some real enthusiasm back very quickly from the staff organising the exhibition (Thanks go to Jason White for his infectious enthusiasm). It would appear that there was a real love for the toy art scene and I was more than happy to take down the Okedoki Benny the Dreamer box set and Doktor A organized a couple of pieces of his own to send along for inclusion.

So to the exhibition which I went to see yesterday, and you will see as usual I took MANY photographs for you to take a look at. The space is wonderful, really well lit with natural light and some supplementary lighting as well – all done very tastefully and with maximum respect and appreciation for the work on display. I have been to a lot of gallery spaces in many venues and in many countries around the world and this space is now in my top 5 gallery spaces. I won’t spend the next half an hour listing the pieces on display, hopefully the pictures will do that job – and I am sure that if your reading this then many of you will know much more about some of these pieces than I ever will!

OK so the first thing I need to point out is that THIS IS NOT A TOY ART EXHIBITION – it’s an exhibition that happens to feature toy art to illustrate the exhibitions purpose. This is the point where I let the gallery staff and their team share their vision for the exhibition and the purpose of the exhibits in the gallery space for this exhibition. “The Toy Box: From Pop to Present is a new exhibition, exclusive to The Gallery@ The Civic, exploring the use of toys in the world of contemporary art and design. By using British Pop Art of the 1950s and 1960s as a starting point and the movements it inspired, the exhibition will showcase paintings, prints, photography, fashion and sculpture from around the world. The Toy Box also takes a look at how toy companies have collaborated with artists to create collectable art toys, such as Urban Vinyl.” A great explanation of what you can come to expect from this fantastic exhibit.

For me, this is one of the most inspiring and relaxing exhibitions I have been to see for a long time. The fact that it includes toy art is an absolute bonus. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the WHATSHISNAME 120cm POPek a few days before the exhibition opening, and to see the enthusiasm in the assistant curators eyes as he showed me this piece told me everything I needed to know even before the exhibition was live. The art included in the exhibition which isn’t toy art is also stunning with names like Eduardo Paolozzi, Anne-Sophie Cochevelou and Paul McCarthy exhibiting their work.

Our friends at Collect and Display have a Pop Up shop in the entrance area of the main venue as well, which is getting some attention before visitors even enter the gallery space – a VERY clever idea which is being well managed by the staff at the venue to good effect. Additionally the exhibition has a real focus on engagement with people of all ages. It’s a safe creative space to take your kids, and they are included rather than excluded – which is always a good sign as it’s encouraging future artists and future collectors. This exhibition runs 29th July 2017 – 23rd September 2017.

Josh Mayhem’s “Blown Away” Skullhead Samurai custom revealed!!!

Introducing the “Blown Away Skullhead Samurai” – Josh Mayhem’s contribution to the Skullhead Samurai Custom Show happening this Friday, March 24th at 7pm hosted by FLABSLAB in Singapore. Using his signature “Blown Away” style, Josh has depicted this warrior to be fighting, and slicing his way through a glittery rainbow maelstrom. Make sure you attend if you are around the FLABSLAB gallery as the artist list is DEEP, including: 13 Art, 2Petalrose, Bananavirus, Brent Nolasco, Cacooca, Candie Bolton, Caramelaw, Carson Catlin, Egg Fiasco, Fakir, FLABSLAB, Frank Montano, HXstudio Toys, Ink Visuals, J*ryu, Jan Calleja, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Mayhem, Kumkum, Le Kuo, Quiccs, Richard Page, RXSeven, Scott Tolleson, Shonside, Trigger Design, twelveDot, Watchparts and Wetworks. Great work on this piece, Josh… I’m sure it’s even more stunning in person!

TwelveDot’s Star Wars themed “Return of the Samurai” Custom!

The only time you’ve ever been able to see the spry, diminuative Yoda engage in a duel with the imposing, armored form of Darth Vader has been in Star Wars video games, but that hasn’t stopped artist twelveDot from depicting these classic characters together — lightsabers at the ready — with his “Return of the Samurai” piece. Using a green copy of his own “APO Frog” piece as the Jedi Master and rebuilding a Jon-Paul Kaiser & Huck Gee designed “Skullhead Samurai” as the Dark Lord himself, this is a one-of-a-king art piece for the forthcoming Skullhead Samurai Custom Art Show from Pobber Toys & FlabSlab. On display at the exhibition’s opening on March 24th, 2017 at 7pm local time at FlabSlab (1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544), those unable to attend — like myself — will surely be sad to be unable to add this fantastic handmade set to their collection.

Pobber Toys’s “Skullhead Samurai” Custom Art Show at FLABSLAB!

“Skullhead Samurai” is a stunning collaboration between Jon-Paul Kaiser and Huck Gee, which was produced by Pobber Toys, will now be the focus of its own exhibition. Titled the Skullhead Samurai Custom Art Show, this showcase feautres original works by 30 artists, including 13art (aka Skullman), 2PetalRose, BanaNa ViruS, Brent Nolasco, Cacooca, Candie Bolton, Caramelaw, Carson Catlin, Egg Fiasco, Fakir, FlabSlab, Frank Montano, HX Studio, Ink Visuals, J★RYU, Jan Calleja, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Mayhem, mrkumkum, Le.Kuo, Quiccs, Richard “UME Toys” Page, RxSeven, Scott Tolleson, Shon Side, Trigger Design, twelveDot, Watchparts Motorcycles, and Wetworks! With the exhibition opening on March 24th, 2017 at 7pm local time at FlabSlab (1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544), there is no word yet concerning online sale of pieces or duration of the showcase.

Han Ning’s “I SEE YOU” Custom of Burning Monster’s “Miwu”!

Korean art toy team Burning Monster have been assembling a group show around their “Miwu Fly M45” design, inviting a diverse range of artists to reinterpret their form through paint application and even sculptural modification. And we’re thrilled to see Chinese artist Han Ning of 6HL6 invited to participate! His one-of-a-kind custom version is titled “I SEE YOU”, a name which immediately draws your attention to the diamond rhinestones the piece has for eyes. And if the eyes are truly windows to the soul, then this adorable lady is filled with a sparkly, lifelike wonder. With minimal paint application to distract one, the clear column that holds the saucer aloft is decorated with both artist’s names. A lovely looking work, it will be exhibited at Burning Monster’s group showcase in Taipei in April and Korea in May.

Jar Jar Binks lives… on Dave Bondi’s bootleg Star Wars “McDonalds Cup Toppers”!!!

Dave Bondi announces his latest series for Clutter Gallery’s “(In) Action Figures 5” group show, Feb 11th – March 3rd, 2017. In this edition, Bondi has modified the McDonalds cup toppers that were made during the original release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 1999. Bondi posted: “In this latest “mesooffensive” series, I’m taking characters from Star Wars Episode 1 and enhancing the already implied racist stereotypes. This isn’t a slam on geeks or a clever attempt to point out how stupid people are – I love Star Wars. Because of that, it was really disappointing to see the storytellers fall into such lazy, manipulative, and simple metaphors. I don’t think it is censorship to ask them to try and be more sophisticated. Like it or not, movies are the arbiters of cultural norms and should be held to a high standard. So this is a call out to artists everywhere to be better and work harder than that. Make things beautiful.” The figures come in an extremely limited edition of 4 each. They are solid cast resin with vintage McDonalds cups and flexible white foam on a clear base. Available Feb 11th for $270 each at Clutter Gallery!