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FLABSLAB x Pobber – “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust for STGCC 2017!

EVOLUTION… that’s what was posted with this photo you see in this post, and thanks to Pobber Toys and FlabSlab, it appears that they will be bringing a new edition of their “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust to STGCC 2017! Standing proud, and very GREEN/GOLD, no word on what they have planned, but we do know these will be at the Pobber booth AA104,106 – so yeah, be sure to swing by! Capitalizing on the lifestyle brand ‘SUPREME’ along with North Korea’s dicktator, Kim Jong-un – the 2 have been mashed together to create this 9″ tall resin bust!

REVEALED: Quiccs × FLABSLAB × Devil Toys’s “The Ghost of Kurosawa” Action Figure!

A little over a month ago we announced (see HERE) that Philippines-based artist Quiccs‘s “The Ghost of Kurosawa” tribute design to Akira Kurosawa would be making an evolutionary jump from the FlabSlab released bust to a Devil Toys Ltd produced 1/6th scale figure. Displayed in prototype form at this year’s Thailand Toy Expo (see HERE), it now appears that a finished production prototype is being photographed to promote the release! And what’s more is that we’ve learned from Quiccs that this 12-inch tall figure has 13 points of articulation — neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper abdomen, waist, knees, and ankles!

Is that a KAWS’s Companion… releaving himself?! FLABSLAB is set to “Let it go”…

In the words of Pablo. “Good artists copy. Con artists steal.” The folks over at FLABSLAB continue their conquest of the KAWS Companion figure as we have seen my iterations in the past, this bootleg of a bootleg is set to make a new appearance this coming Friday, June 23rd at 8am PST with their new “Let it go” figure! Featuring a 7.5″ tall solid resin Companion figure in a sort of squatty stance with his pants pulled down as if he’s ready to, well… “Let it go”, the Frayed edition will retail for $220 a pop and will come shipped in custom cut foam as well as a rad printed box. This is an original bootleg and should in no way be seen like this is the real thing – Unnumbered – but it doesn’t mean it will be an open edition, so snag one up at the above date and time.

FLABSLAB x Pobber – “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust announced!!!

After our initial teaser post HERE back in March of 2017, we are delighted to announce that the “Supreme Leader Lil’ Kimmy” bust collaboration between FLABSLAB and Pobber Toys is set to release HERE this coming Friday, June 16th at 7am PST! Standing proud, and very GOLD, these will retail for $300 a pop. Capitalizing on the lifestyle brand ‘SUPREME’ along with North Korea’s dicktator, Kim Jong-un – the 2 have been mashed together to create this 9″ tall bust! We are unsure on the type of material used (resin/vinyl)… but as the date draws closer, we are sure this info will emerge.

“DarthTerra” [Cold Cast Bronze] art collectible from FlabSlab!!!

First discovered in Xi’an, China in 1974, it’s believed that DarthTerra first traveled to ancient China from a galaxy far far away in 200 BC.” new from the folks over at FLABSLAB, DarthTerra [Cold Cast Bronze] edition! Standing 9.75″ tall with the base, this is the Second colorway (first was posted HERE) – and this Cold Cast Bronze edition (mixing bronze powder with resin) comes in 3 different parts (figure, saber and case) and packaged with diecut foam in a wooden box! The first edition sold out as did their led/neon light, so don’t let this rad edition pass you by! Pick him up HERE right now!

Kong Andri x FLABSLAB – Owangeboy [original edition] released!

Owangeboy and his pets have landed and are ready to take over space! The folks over at FLABSLAB are stoked to collaborate with Kong Andri to produce Owangeboy, the first character in a massive universe he has created. Standing 4″ tall and coming with his 3 pets (pictured above), this resin art multiple is super cute and we love the adventurous spirit that overwhelms our being as we look at his… and how adorable are those cats?!?! Head on over HERE right now to add one to your collection for $95 a pop!

FLABSLAB x Quiccs – Ghost of Kurosawa “43 Locusts” edition!!!

Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s filmography is loaded with classic works, including The Hidden Fortress which served as inspiration for the original Star Wars as well as for Philippines-based artist Quiccs’s massive 10⅖-inch tall “The Ghost of Kurosawa” resin bust… and now the next iteration of this rad art collectible is upon us! Pictured above, the “43 Locusts” edition in all their camo goodness! “Inspired by the works and the tales of the lone warrior who battles the hive-minded machines, the 43 Locusts are comprised of rebels who dwell in the woodlands of one of the last left safe havens for humans who have trained themselves to fight for the cause of humanity’s survival against extinction. They have designed their armours to the same fashion as of Ghost of Kurosawa’s, and regard the warrior as a deity. The 43 Locusts are regarded to be one of the most skilled groups of human soldiers whom have independently fought against the hive-minded machines away from the efforts of the joint forces of other remaining Human colonies.” This bitchen looking edition will be available from FLABSLAB’s online shop HERE on April 22nd at 8pm PST for an undisclosed amount… but if history repeats itself, look for them to retail for around $300 apiece.

Abell Octovan’s “Ultra Renaissance” Ultraman-themed Madonna & Child Sculpture!

To be perfectly clear there is no officially announced titled for this previously teased piece by Indonesian artist Abell Octovan, but we’ve chosen to refer to it as “Ultra Renaissance” for now. “Why that name?” you might ask. Well, we like it because it denotes not just the Ultraman theme of the piece but also the inspiration from Michaelangelo’s Madonna of Bruges, which was part of the Italian Renaissance. And I love how this work has the Madonna recast as the the Mother of Ultra, the child in more of a generic Ultra head. Set to be produced by FlabSlab, make sure you follow them as well as the artist on Instagram to see updates on this stunningly modern — but classically inspired — piece.

FlabSlab’s Sleeping Astro Boy Sculpture “Nigo Had It” is shrinking!

Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, or Mighty Atom as he’s known in Japan, was released in a Sleeping rendition by Medicom in 1999 but it was A Bathing Ape founder and former owner Nigo that recontextualized that piece, taking one of those plastic figures and letting it reside on a Jean Prouve Marcoule bench. In fact, the combination was so perfect that, for Nigo’s Only Lives Twice auction at Sotheby’s, the two pieces were offered together as catalog Lot 22. Celebrating this glorious pairing, FlabSlab released their own rendition in resin titled “Nigo Had It“. With these initial versions being 20-inches wide and costing $1300 apiece, sadly very few were able to add one to their collection… but now FlabSlab are revisiting the concept, creating this smaller — and thus hopefully more affordable — 8-inch wide rendition! Meaning that, if the dimensions remain the same, these resin sculptures will be 2½-inches tall and 2½-inches deep! Tiny, but full of powerful imagery. No word on expected release date, but this work-in-progress piece is looking fantastic already.

“SAMOURSAI” custom from FAKIR… so rad!!!

For the recently launched Skullhead Samurai Custom Show group show that happened on March 24th which was hosted by FLABSLAB in Singapore, artist Fakir submitted the above custom… and hot damn is it rad!!! Utilizing the helmet of the ‘Skullhead Samurai’ fitted upon a Teddy Troop, this unique take on the figure sure was a stand out at the custom show. The craftsmanship and colors used on this are so killer… and we love how Fakir thought out of the box! If you dig this as much as we do, head on over HERE right now to snag it up… and while you are there, check out the other pieces available as well!