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BLObPUS × Yamomark’s “ZANGILER♀” & “COSMEGIRA Adult” Painted GID Versions!

It’s always magnificent when BLObPUS offers out non-lottery releases, like these ‘made to order’ versions of Yamomark‘s “ZANGILER♀” (above left) & “COSMEGIRA Adult” (above right). Available for ¥8,800 (approx. $74) apiece, or ¥17,000 (approx. $142) for both, these are cast on glow-in-the-dark Japanese vinyl. If you want one, or both, you just have to send the following information to shopping [at] blobpus [dot] jp to receive a PayPal invoice (including shipping costs):

  • Name: 
  • Address (inc. Country): 
  • Telephone number: 
  • PayPal address: 

All orders must be received by May 18th, 2015 at 6:59AM Pacific time, with PayPal payments due no later than May 24th at the same time. Finished pieces are expected to ship around July 20th, 2015.

REVEALED: Marvel Comics × 3A’s Ultron Collectible Figure in Ghost & Shadow Editions!

Joining the previously revealed Classic Edition of “Ultron” being released by ThreeA, we have the pictured Shadow (above) and Ghost (below) versions! Officially licensed from Marvel Comics, these are part of a collectible figure line of superheroes (and villains) redesigned by Ashley Wood. Standing 13-inches tall, these 1/6th scale figures are fully articulated (including the fingers even), plated armor designs, and LED illuminatated eyes, mouth, and chest elements! Available today (May 6th, 2015) at 6PM Pacific time in the Bambaland online shop for $220 apiece, worldwide shipping included.

Crystal-Jade Vaughan × threeA’s “Beaver Industries: Sawyer” collectible figure!

Beaver Industries, exploring the futuristic lumberjack world of Crystal-Jade Vaughan‘s creation, is back for its sophomore outing, the pictured “Sawyer.” Made in 1/6th scale to match the previously released “Milky Bot,” she is made from ABS, PVC, and POM with detailed fabric clothing and a variety of accessories, including Calcium Fuel Plug-Ins, Calcium Tray Float, and Zipwire Escape Rags. Available to pre-order tomorrow (May 6th, 2015) at 6PM Pacific time from the Bambaland online shop for $140 apiece.

Retroband × 2000AD × Unbox Industries’s “Zombo” Free Comic Book Day Figure!

Hand-crafted action figure artist Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys partnered with Unbox Industries, as we previously announced, to release an interpretation of the classic 2000AD character “Zombo.” Pictured are the limited run ‘parent tool’ glow-in-the-dark blanks, which were released this past weekend as part of Free Comic Book Day at Forbidden Planet in London. These uncarded versions were fast tracked and are a slightly bit bigger than the final production versions will be, but the final carded version will be available next weekend on the Unbox website. And if these 3¾-inch tall figures are successful, there’s a long list of characters up for production, including “Ace Garp” and “Judge Giant!”

Ultron is Coming! The Marvel Comics × 3A’s Collectible Figure is revealed!

The officially licensed Marvel Comics collectible figures line from ThreeA continues as Ashley Wood‘s redesign of “Ultron” is being prepared for release. This 1/6 scale piece stands 13-inches tall and comes in the pictured Classic Edition, as well as the Stealth and Ghost Editions, all of which feature articulated fingers, plated armor designs, and LED illuminatated eyes, mouth, and chest elements! Available tomorrow (May 6th, 2015) at 6PM Pacific time in the Bambaland online shop for $220 apiece, worldwide shipping included.

‘It’s all about THAT FADE’… Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – “Baby Huey” vinyl figure revealed with a SDCC 2015 release date!!!

Back in September of 2014, we posted up a rough 3D render of an upcoming project from Frank Kozik as he was working with Klim over at Bigshot Toyworks on a figure that had a striking resemblance to a certain ‘Supreme Leader’… well, today Frank just announced that he will be at SDCC with this very figure… and look at how glorious it turned out!!! Kozik’s “Baby Huey” figure is big, like a full 8″ tall and just like the 3D render, this figure shows off the ‘toy’ nuclear missile and skull-headed rattle that “Baby Huey” are firmly clutching in his hands. What we didn’t see from the initial render is that giant translucent puddle of piss that he is sitting in… awesome! Releasing in two colorways (blue/gray and pink) and being produced by Kidrobot, this figure might be the next “The Interview” in terms of North Korea hating the USA even more… haha! No word on an edition size or a price just yet… but we will update you when that info comes through.

RESTORE’s “NEO JAPAN SFB” figure in “Clear [Green Sword]” & “Black/Red”!

Japanese artist & sculptor Junnosuke Abe is releasing two version of his “NEO JAPAN SFB” vinyl figure through his RESTORE identity at this year’s Amazing Model Expo-Japan. The roughly 8½-inches tall figures are cast in soft vinyl, one in crystal clear with a green resin sword accessory and the other in black & red throughout. Unpainted, these are the more affordably priced ¥5,000 (approx. $42) apiece, though no indication of release past the convention have been announced.

Huck Gee’s Resin Mech in John Player Special racing car livery!

As we previously announced, artist Huck Gee will be releasing the second colorway of his 10-inch tall mech sculpture cast in resin. The first version — “The Gulf OBP” (see HERE) — was in the classic Gulf Oil racing livery but this new black & gold version is obviously a tribute to the John Player Special car colors! With this 3 pound piece being made available very soon (within days perhaps), we strongly suggest that those interested join Gee’s mailing list (form at the bottom of the page) to keep updated on the release.

UME Toys’s “Trevor the Tiki Omen” hand-painted Coarse Toys sculpture!

Rich “UME Toys” Page has completed a stunning reworking of Coarse Toys‘s stylized owl sculpture, “Omen.” Titled “Trevor the Tiki Omen,” the faux wood patterning has been carefully hand-painted upon the vinyl piece and the diorama-esque base is merely the icing on the cake. Any art collector that would like to acquire this piece will have to brave the auction system, as this fantastic figurative work is currently being made available through a silent auction hosted by the artist himself. To become a contender for this original work of art, email umetoys [at] googlemail [dot] com with an offer, though bids below £95 (approx. $144) — which includes worldwide shipping — will not be considered. The silent auction concludes on Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 1PM Pacific time.