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Jesse Hernandez x We Are Not Toys – Resin OZOMAHTLI teased?!?!

What the What?!?! Yes… this figure has finally come to fruition as Jesse Hernandez shared today this sweet picture you see in this post… a beautiful clear resin OZOMAHTLI cast up by TaskOne of We Are Not Toys.  We teased a post HERE back in April… and now we are seeing it all come together. 13 separate parts had to be cast for this, and it turned out so sick! Jesse mentions that this will see the light of day for Dcon 2017, so mark your calendars and get ready… this is one release you don’t want to miss!

Brandt Peters teases “CLYDE” head release for Dcon 2017!!!

In an awesome surprise to most of us who have followed the progress for Brandt Peters and MVH’sClyde” figure. The figure featured a head sculpt from Brandt and the DX Demon sculpt from MVH, a rad little collab, that being said, it had run it’s course and it was stated that there would be no more of these made anymore… but today, we find out, that’s not really the case, per say!

Brandt posted the above video on his Instagram showing the head of “Clyde” being pulled and mentions that “Get ready DCON – Will be releasing custom painted Clyde sack heads for the event!” which is awesome news… he goes onto say that “We will be moving towards a new body direction in the near future“, so yes… no more Clyde’s in their original form will be made from here on out… as new versions with new bodies will soon see the light of day! In the meantime, we get to see just the head of Clyde released… which is fine by us! More on this very soon!

Sad Salesman teases “Dessert Oracle” vinyl release for Dcon!!!

Eric Althin of Sad Salesman has been on a roll lately with his adorable sculptures… and with the recent release of his “WIZARD” vinyl figure (posted HERE), he got a taste for vinyl, and sent us word a few weeks ago that his “Dessert Oracle” one off piece is making it’s way to vinyl… just in time for Dcon 2017… and to confirm, we stumbled across a sneak peek in the new Marsham Toy Hour Facebook group… where he shared the render you see in this post with Eric saying it will be 5″ tall! We can’t wait to find out more… and we couldn’t be happier for Eric, his figures are too cute not to be mass produced!

DesignerCon 2017 Tickets Go On Sale TODAY!

It’s the time you’ve been waiting for: DesignerCon 2017 tickets are going on sale today! Taking place on Novemeber 11th and 12th at the Pasadena Convention Center, you can snag a one day pass for $10 or go the whole weekend for $15! Of course, there’s limited quantities of VIP Access tickets also available for $35 each, which will give you access to the show floor 1 hour before general admission as well as… other things, some exclusive, that will be announced when tickets become available. Speaking of which, tickets will be available strictly from www.designercon.com starting today (August 8th, 2017) at 3pm Pacific time.

Kalaka Toys reveals their “Shogun Warlord”!!!

Matias from Kalaka Toys is super excited to announce a HUGE project that he has been working on for some time now… on that is going to release at Dcon 2017 – but he’s so pumped up, he just had to share… introducing the “Shogun Warlord“! Pictured above is a JUMBO version that was made for publicity, but the produced figure will stand around 9” tall and will be produced in soft vinyl. Obviously a HUGE fan of the old school ‘Shogun Warriors’ toys from the 1970’s, Matias drew upon this inspiration to create the rad looking figure that you see above. No word on a price, colorway, or edition size just yet… but you can follow the progress via his Instagram HERE. More very soon!