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25% off store wide sale from David Stevenson!!!

Right now, artist David Stevenson is hosting a summer sale that is going on until the end of this month, and seeing as there are only a few days left, what better time to head on over and snag up some amazing custom pieces as well as some great looking enamel pins! The discount is a massive one… 25% off everything in his online store, all you need to do is enter the code SALE when you checkout, and watch your saving appear before your eyes!

Kidrobot’s Dunny Series 2: A 12-Year-Old Mystery Solved!

Back in 2005, when “Dunny Series 2” was released, it contained the very first hint of the brand’s “Golden Ticket” premise. What would evolve into randomly inserted forms redeemable for a free production Dunny started as six unique, hand-painted custom Dunny pieces scattered throughout the blind boxed assortment. While the six designs were revealed at the time, the artists behind them were kept a secret. And now, 12 years later, I’ve been able to track down and confirm who all six artists were! Detailed in my article on CoART Magazine, which can be read HERE, the six are: Cycle, Dr. Revolt, Queen Andrea, Sket One, TADO, and UPSO.

Blingaling’s Hand-Painted “Flamin’ Hott Ghouls” Edition!

A stylized and stunning rendition Max Schreck’s vampiric Count Orlok character from the cinema classic Nosferatu, “The Ghoul” may just be one of my top vinyl designs from this year. Designed by Craig Gleason, produced by Justin Ishmael, and actually pulled in Japanese vinyl by Luke “Grody Shogun” Rook, this 5-inch tall beauty has quite the pedigree. No wonder Robert “Blingaling” Evans acquired several of them to hand-paint, granting some nice fades to their forms and highlighting the texture of their exposed ‘skin’ areas. With three remade as “Flamin’ Hott Ghouls” and a singular “Disco Beetle Ghoul” rendition, these will be available on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 11am Pacific time in Blingaling’s new online shop for only $55 apiece.

Jump Jumper Ant × Cucaracha Borracha’s “Pennywise” Custom Dunny!

Méxican artists Jump Jumper Ant and Cucaracha Borracha have revealed their “Pennywise” custom 3-inch Dunny, inspired by the look of the terrifying clown from Stephen King‘s IT. Perfectly elongating the Dunny’s legs into more proportionally appropriate things, or at least giving the illusion of it being that way, this piece also incorporates Jump Jumper Ant’s resin-cast “glass eyes”, which always appear to be following you (see here for more). Finished with doll hair and handmade clothing, this is available now as either a one-off or micro edition (it’s not clear) but those interested in purchasing this piece should contact the artist at gahel [dot] igzz [at] gmail [dot] com to gain further information.

Cat Atomic x Corner12 – “The Atomic 12” custom Dunny series release info!

We teased the release of this rad new custom Dunny series from Cat Atomic and Corner12 almost a month ago… and, here we are, the release day! Titled “The Atomic 12“, this series of seriously spectacular custom Dunny’s drops today, 8/22/17 at 12:12 PST via the Corner12 online store HERE! Cat Atomic mentions “A lot of work went into making these the best customs I’ve done thus far. All of these customs feature different designs on the ears and chest. Some of the designs are unlike anything I’ve done on any of my previous Dunny’s. I wish there was a way to show you these in person because the pictures do them no justice.” Well… we’ll just have to take his word for that, but regardless, they look pretty bad ass the way they are… and we love his style! Don’t miss out on this release, these are some of the cleanest 3″ custom Dunny’s we have seen!

Mark Nagata x Corner12 – Custom “Eclipse” Dunny announced!

Whoa! Are you planning on looking up at that solar eclipse tomorrow… well, do yourself a favor and look at this first before you burn out your retinas… because this custom 8″ Dunny from Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co. is pure fire! Just in time for the Eclipse, this one of kind hand painted Dunny, using Monster Kolor paints, will make it’s debut tomorrow – Monday, August 21st via the Corner12 online store at 9am PST, so yeah, you still have time to go outside and see the real thing while bagging this amazing custom to look at for eternity…

PHOTO RECAP: Josh Mahyem’s Solo Show at the Clutter Gallery!

Artist Josh Mayhem debuted his “Blown Away” concept at a Clutter Magazine Gallery event in 2014, so it only seems appropriate that this is also the location for his first solo exhibition, one that focuses on the “Blown Away” design. Displaying unique custom creations with sideways dripping resin adorning them, giving the impression of the piece being ‘blown away’ by the wind, Mayhem works his magic on Star Wars and Star Trek toys as well as figures by Coarse, Candie Bolton, Luke Chueh, KAWS, Ron English, Jason Freeny, and GOIN! I had the chance to attend the opening and do a full recap of it for the CoART Magazine site, which can be read HERE.

PLASEEBO’s “Black & Blue Gnaw Dog” Revealed!

According to Bob Conge of Plaseebo, the pictured “Black & Blue Gnaw Dog” may be “badly bruised but [he is] never beaten!” A one-of-a-kind piece, made using Conge’s own “Graw” head on what appears to be the Awesome Toy‘s “Jinmenken” body, the black and blue paint job across its 8-inch tall form really accentuates the details without overpowering them. Topped with two blue glass eye inserts, there are also two internal motion-activated, color-changing LED units (with replaceable batteries)! Hand-painted by Conge, this piece comes signed by the artist and will be available on Friday, August 18th, 2017 from plaseebo.net for $350 plus shipping.

Mazinger Z & Koji Kabuto custom Dunny from WuzOne!

For his latest custom commission, WuzOne tackled Mazinger Z once again… but this time, a bit of a difference in the final presentation! This new 8″ Dunny is a commission to a collector of Seoul, South Korea… Wuz mentions that this collector wanted to preserve a more pure style of the original design of the character, less Western… and so, Wuz painted in a pilot… the one and only Koji Kabuto! Painted up with spray paint, acrylics, and topped off with a matte varnish… this piece is going to make one collector extremely happy!

“Black & Gold” T.E.D. custom Dunny from Fer MG!

The latest custom Dunny from Fer MG is AWESOME, and just like his previous pieces, you can really see the amount of time that he puts into each and every custom he creates… introducing T.E.D (twisted ears Dunny)! This is a customized 8″ Dunny that was created to give off a sculpturial look with an abstract design cut on the vinyl with a blade. Fer MG calls them ‘toysculptures’… a fitting name that mixes toys with abstract art. Speaking of… there are abstract sculptures up for grabs HERE in his webstore… but we digress… this T.E.D “Black & Gold” comes with special packaging in the same colors and foam cut with toy shape. The release will be HERE tomorrow, Friday the 11th of August at 7am PST for $180 a pop!