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Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx – “Huat The Fuck!” for STGCC 2017!!!

Cuddling up with his cats all day is getting mundane for our adventurous Panda who decided it was time to stretch some muscles and work those lazy bones. Watching the kids in his neighborhood riding their skateboards in the park, Panda was hit with the idea of learning a trick or two himself! Panda definitely wasn’t going to settle for just any ordinary skateboard. After going through all the skate shops in town, he finally struck gold with a board that was bound to turn heads. With his golden skateboard in hand and a badass attitude, cruise alongside Panda as he takes to the streets in search of his next adventure!

Releasing from Mighty Jaxx and created by Cacooca as part of his continued ‘Panda Ink’ line of figures, “Huat The Fuck!” will be up for grabs at STGCC 2017 via the Mighty Jaxx Stand: D3… and according to Mighty Jaxx, this figure will be BIGGER and better then the rest, Hmmmmm… what does that even mean?!?! More soon…

Fool Paradise’s “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game” Teased!

First teased way back in 2015 at the Thailand Toy Expo when Fools Paradise hosted an exhibit titled Fools Garden, which debuted the concept of the “Coin Rides Game” series with several prototype sculpts on display. And we’ve seen all the “Coin Rides Game” pieces teased there except one: the landspeeder from A New Hope, the vehicle Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi ride along with the droids early on in the film. But it looks like the idea wasn’t abandoned, it just took a while to get to… Titled “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game #6” (since the listed #5 was the recent “S.troop” release), this’ll see the return of 2013’s “K3KO” design and the first time we’ll see Fools Paradise’s “Keiko” character interpreted into the likeness of Luke! Giving a say directly to his fans, the brand has taken to Facebook and Instagram to ask people if they want this fantastic looking piece made, so feel free to join in on the conversation. And for those unfamiliar with the “Coin Rides Game” concept, check out my video reviews for them: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

[Image of the Landspeeder prototype from TTE2015 courtesy of Lai Yui Wai via ToysREvil.]

Ashley Wood’s “DR3AD REFLEX” Begins with the “BRNZ MSTR TK” from ThreeA!

Ever since the “DR3AD REFLEX” event was announced, we’ve been yearning for more information on this narrative that promises to create a “conjoined pocket realm” wherein the various “worlds” within Ashley Wood‘s F3ACTORY division of threeA “will collide”. And now we’re being teased with the “next exciting chapter” in Woods’s worlds with the announcement of “BRNZ MSTR TK”, who is simply given the description: “They brought me back to hunt on a new world!” We’re told this will be a roughly 12-inch tall, 1/6th scale figure and that it is the figure that was revealed during the USVENTURE event (pictured below), but we may have to wait until August 31st, 2017 — when its released on BambalandStore.com — to find out for sure…

PocketPlastic’s “Gacha Tops” in Ninja, Miner & Pirate Versions!

Kevin Nam has reinvented his Inami Toyland brand as PocketPlastic, and with this change his formerly resin cast “Tumble Tops” return in a 3D printed smaller rendition! Titled “Gacha Tops”, these work exactly like the originals: they get spun like a spinning top and — when it lands — whichever hand is raised is the one that is played in a rock-paper-scissors style battle. Cool pieces of functional art, these game pieces are shipping randomly in any of three designs (Ninja, Miner, or Pirate) and three colors (Blue, Yellow, or Red)! Approximately 2-inches tall, perfectly sized for the plastic gachapon capsule they ship in, these are available now from the PocketPlastic online store for $7 apiece or $18 for a 3-pack!

WIN ME! Oasim Karmieh’s Baby Batman in a Beyond Retro Edition!

We’ve been waiting for the return of Romanian-based 3D sculptor Oasim Karmieh‘s “Batsy” piece, an adorable interpretation of the classic DC Comics character merged with this likeness of Karmieh’s own daughter. Standing roughly 6-inches tall (or 12-inches with the base), this “Batsy Beyond Retro” edition mimics the look of the future’s dark knight though in a not-so-dark form. Hand-cast in resin by the artist, this pieces sports a double-sided leather cape and is held aloft by a metal rod affixed to a wooden base, its Air Jordan 12 Retros dangling above the ground. All hand-painted by the artist himself, this new edition will be limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces, which will be available to pre-order on August 14th until the end of the 15th, at midnight Pacific time, from Karmieh’s online shop for $150 apiece. But, in the meantime, you can enter to WIN ONE in an Instagram contest that Karmieh is holding right now, which you can enter HERE.

COMING TOMORROW: Fools Paradise’s “Luke, I am your father” Sculpture!

We teased the Fools Paradise designed & produced “Luke, I am your father” sculpture last week, and now it is releasing tomorrow! Standing roughly 16-inches long and 12⅗-inches tall, this design reminds me of that one lonely child on the playground, who in a Calvin & Hobbes-esque manner imagines his stuffed animal to be his best friend instead of finding a real person to interact with. With the boy dressed in costuming reminiscent of Darth Vader from Star Wars, his teddy bear like partner — known as “Jelly Luke”, after the slang “jellybear” for something that is adorable — has a mop of blonde hair similar to a certain Skywalker. Made out of vinyl, PVC, ABS, and resin, the “Jelly Luke” piece is even flocked, the soft fiber giving the impression of it being plush. Limited to only 289 pieces worldwide, these will be available to preorder starting tomorrow (August 1st, 2017) at 9am Pacific time from HERE, with finished sets expected to ship at the end of the year.

Fools Paradise’s “Luke, I Am Your Father” Sculpture!

Wow, this might be Fools Paradise‘s most impressive sculptural work yet. While details are scant, beyond the title most likely being “Luke, I Am Your Father!”, this piece reminds me of that one lonely child we all remember being on the playground, with no friends to interact with, resorting to imagination for his entertainment. Attired in a costume reminiscent of Darth Vader from Star Wars, the child is raised high on a seesaw, his counterweight being what appears to be a bear — perhaps his teddy bear — but in a cartoonishly lifelike rendition, a mop of blonde hair atop its head. Pictured above is the final painted production test pull of the piece, while below are two earlier test shots. And, unless I’m wrong, the bear character appears to be flocked, coated in soft fibers that will immediately give that tactile feel of it being a plush toy. Probably limited to only a couple of hundred sets made, these will be surely available to pre-order from the Fools Paradise online site in the coming weeks, so start saving your pennies.

AVAILABLE NOW: Doktor A’s “Mechtorian” Minifigures!

If you’re a fan of LEGO’s brick-style minifigures and Steampunk inspired aesthetics, then do we have a treat for you! The artist known as Doktor A has brought his “Mechtorian” characters to LEGO-like life in collaboration with Crazy Bricks, known for their crowd funded LEGO compatible figures, gear, and bricks, the resulting trio being known simply as Mr. SILVER, Mr. MOURN, and Mr. GOLD. “All injection moulded ABS”, according to the artist, these feature Victorian top hats, robot looking heads, and buzzsaw hands, finished with painted faces and printed bodies. Limited edition pieces of undisclosed quantities, these are available now from the Crazy Bricks online store for $20 apiece.

Steven Harrington’s “Hello Mello” Palm Tree Sculptural Edition!

During the Strawberry Festival in Shanghai’s Expo Park that took place at the end of April this year, artist Steven Harrington unveiled his newest sculpture, the 12-foot tall “Hello Mello”. Depicting a pair of intertwined palm trees with Dr. Seussian, cartoonish faces, Harrington decided to issue a limited edition miniaturized version of this design in ABS plastic! Standing roughly 11-inches tall on a 9-inch wide & 3-inch deep base, these will be limited to only 200 pieces, each coming in a transparent vinyl sleeve. Available on Friday, July 21st, 2017 at 12pm Pacific time, these will be found HERE for $155 apiece.

REVEALED: ThreeA’s “Tomorrow Tomb Diver Interlopers” Set!

We’d previously teased the “Tomorrow Tomb Diver Interlopers” set, consisting of Shogun Hana, TK Furutsu, and Baka Tsuri, which is also being called the “DR3AD REFLEX PRELUDE”. Designed by Ashley Wood and produced by threeA, this release appears to be launching a new phase in the 3A world, as the backstory for these is that they “will slay a sleeping Piccolo Metal God Bot, resulting in time and space twisting, merging, opening into a singular conjoined pocket realm.” Announced as part of the company’s 10th year of making works, this release warns that “Worlds will collide” and “Let’s Destroy Together”, leading us to suspect that this “DR3AD REFLEX” event will be a rewriting of the 3A worlds we’ve come to know. With this roughly 12-inch tall, 1/6th scale trio being the first part of whatever “DR3AD REFLEX” is, we hope to find out more when they appear exclusively in the BambalandStore.com on July 14th, 2017 (Hong Kong time) for their 48-hour preorder window!