Kurobokan x Paulus Hyu – Daydream (Nimbus) “Puffy Eyes” retailer edition!

If you missed the initial release last week, there are still some retailers that have the “Puffy Eyes” edition of Daydream (Nimbus) up for grabs! This is the last version of this adorable 3.5″ long vinyl figure and features a very sleepy Nimbus, who either needs some sleep or is just waking up! Created by Paulus Hyu and produced by KUROBOKAN, this edition is limited to only 150 pieces and can be found at the following retailers: MyPlasticHeart (United States) • JP Toys (Thailand) • Collect and Display (United Kingdom) • Ozzo Collection (Singapore) • Plastic and Heroes (United States)… and if one spot is out of stock, check another store as they are selling fast!