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Toy Art Gallery x RecycleC – “Ta Khon” test pull figure teased!

We posted up HERE back in April about a rad new project with Toy Art Gallery and Thailand based artist, RecycleC… and today, we are seeing some great soft vinyl test pulls of this soon to be release “TaKhon” figure! Revealed in beautiful flesh colored vinyl as well as the always rad black vinyl, this figure is shaping up to look quite amazing!

Although we don’t know much about it, after doing some research, “Ta Khon” or “Phi Ta Khon” as it’s known in lore… the ‘Phi’ is Thai for ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’ (pronounced as ‘pee’); ‘Ta’ (technically it sounds like ‘dtah’) means ‘eyes’; and ‘Khon’ refers to the famous Thai traditional, masked dance discipline… and as you can see, this figure embodies all of that! More on the release soon… but get ready, these will be a hot commodity!

Rato Kim’s sofvi “Mint Chocolate” Breadcat for Beijing Toy Show!

Looking to score that next great edition of Rato Kim’s Breadcat… in sofuvi?!?! Well, up for grabs at the Wrong Gallery booth #28 during the upcoming Bejing Toy Show, you will have a crack at the “Mint Chocolate” edition, and how delicious does this look?!?! Limited to 20 pieces and retailing for $90 a pop, these Unbox produced soft vinyl figures will be in high demand, so get to the booth early if you plan on getting one!

Kidrobot’s Dunny Series 2: A 12-Year-Old Mystery Solved!

Back in 2005, when “Dunny Series 2” was released, it contained the very first hint of the brand’s “Golden Ticket” premise. What would evolve into randomly inserted forms redeemable for a free production Dunny started as six unique, hand-painted custom Dunny pieces scattered throughout the blind boxed assortment. While the six designs were revealed at the time, the artists behind them were kept a secret. And now, 12 years later, I’ve been able to track down and confirm who all six artists were! Detailed in my article on CoART Magazine, which can be read HERE, the six are: Cycle, Dr. Revolt, Queen Andrea, Sket One, TADO, and UPSO.

Fool Paradise’s “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game” Teased!

First teased way back in 2015 at the Thailand Toy Expo when Fools Paradise hosted an exhibit titled Fools Garden, which debuted the concept of the “Coin Rides Game” series with several prototype sculpts on display. And we’ve seen all the “Coin Rides Game” pieces teased there except one: the landspeeder from A New Hope, the vehicle Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi ride along with the droids early on in the film. But it looks like the idea wasn’t abandoned, it just took a while to get to… Titled “K3KO with Sky at Coin Rides Game #6” (since the listed #5 was the recent “S.troop” release), this’ll see the return of 2013’s “K3KO” design and the first time we’ll see Fools Paradise’s “Keiko” character interpreted into the likeness of Luke! Giving a say directly to his fans, the brand has taken to Facebook and Instagram to ask people if they want this fantastic looking piece made, so feel free to join in on the conversation. And for those unfamiliar with the “Coin Rides Game” concept, check out my video reviews for them: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

[Image of the Landspeeder prototype from TTE2015 courtesy of Lai Yui Wai via ToysREvil.]

Whatshisname × Mighty Jaxx’s “POPek (White Edition)”!

London-based artist Seb Whatshisname once again partners with Mighty Jaxx on a new color of his roughly 7⅞-inch (20 cm) tall “POPek” sculpture, the pure “White Edition”! Coming in two parts, the Jeff Koons inspired main element and the small balloon that seeminly emerged from the canine’s posterior, these will debut at this year’s Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention at Booth D3. Quantities will be limited, so make sure to show up early to ensure yourself a copy of this glorious work of art.

Katyushka Art Dolls’s “Baby-Shark (Standing Edition)” Available Now!

About two-and-a-half months ago, the husband-and-wife duo of Polish artists known as Katyushka Art Dolls introduced their “Baby-Shark” creation, a wall mount displayed, hand-painted resin bulbuous interpretation of the ‘lion of the sea’. Now they’ve returned this popular design with a second edition, this one on a standing mount. With the “Baby-Shark” itself measuring roughly 6-inches by 4-inches, those interesting in acquiring one of these toothy beauties can preorder their now from the Art Toy Gama store for $360, though only a maximum of 10 pieces will be made in this edition!

What “The Heck”?!?! New figures from ‘We Become Monsters’!!!

Chris Moore of ‘We Become Monsters‘ just announced a brand new release… “The Heck”, and not only is the name awesome, but these 4″ tall figures are awesome as well! As you might have noticed, these are smaller versions of his 7″ figure, “The Hell” and has been working hard in his lab to reduce “The Hell” to a more pocketable size! This was done mostly to save on feeding costs – goats are expensive! Choose from “Orangejerk” (presidential diarrhea color), “Bloat” (rotten purple) or “DewtheDoo” (Green) colorways where each is $50 a pop and limited to just 2 figures!

Every The Heck figure also includes an additional head – The Cypher – These have fewer eyes, but can detect wavelengths of goat screams the standard Heck cannot see. These are hand cast, hand painted, articulated at the neck resin art toy that come polybagged with a header card. They will be up for grabs HERE this coming Monday, August 28th at 2pm PST… and while you are buying them, check out the rest of his awesome wares in his online store!

Brandt Peters teases “CLYDE” head release for Dcon 2017!!!

In an awesome surprise to most of us who have followed the progress for Brandt Peters and MVH’sClyde” figure. The figure featured a head sculpt from Brandt and the DX Demon sculpt from MVH, a rad little collab, that being said, it had run it’s course and it was stated that there would be no more of these made anymore… but today, we find out, that’s not really the case, per say!

Brandt posted the above video on his Instagram showing the head of “Clyde” being pulled and mentions that “Get ready DCON – Will be releasing custom painted Clyde sack heads for the event!” which is awesome news… he goes onto say that “We will be moving towards a new body direction in the near future“, so yes… no more Clyde’s in their original form will be made from here on out… as new versions with new bodies will soon see the light of day! In the meantime, we get to see just the head of Clyde released… which is fine by us! More on this very soon!

Kurobokan x Paulus Hyu – Daydream (Nimbus) “Puffy Eyes” retailer edition!

If you missed the initial release last week, there are still some retailers that have the “Puffy Eyes” edition of Daydream (Nimbus) up for grabs! This is the last version of this adorable 3.5″ long vinyl figure and features a very sleepy Nimbus, who either needs some sleep or is just waking up! Created by Paulus Hyu and produced by KUROBOKAN, this edition is limited to only 150 pieces and can be found at the following retailers: MyPlasticHeart (United States) • JP Toys (Thailand) • Collect and Display (United Kingdom) • Ozzo Collection (Singapore) • Plastic and Heroes (United States)… and if one spot is out of stock, check another store as they are selling fast!

PLANET-X’s “Classic Black” GOLIATHON lottery announced!!!

The lottery sale for PLANET-X’s GOLIATHON has just been announced and it’s for their 1st official colorway, the “Classic Black” edition! Standing a whopping 10″ tall, he’s cast in black soft vinyl and features gun metal highlights and 9 points of articulation… and is limited to just 40 pieces. The lottery is live now until 23:59 Aug 27, 2017 (HKT)… and if you are interested, these will retail for $150 a pop! To enter for a chance at purchasing one of these beasts, send the following information to : 1. Name 2. Shipping Address 3. Country 4. Tel. Number 5. PayPal account name 6. Instagram / Facebook name • Winners will receive a notification email by August 31, 2017 and items will be shipped early Oct, 2017! Best of luck to all who enter to buy one of these… they are AWESOME!